Infantry Bergen How to pack It! Efficiently

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mad4thcef, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Recently I have procured one of the Infantry Bergens Long Back :D

    Note ! It was a chore just to find a dealer that would ship it overseas to Canada! Shipping costs Kill! :(

    I am looking just looking for some of the best pointers on the best way to pack it!

    I know the load concepts just wanting some good recommendations to pack it in the most effective and efficient manner! Note it will be used for personel use only.

    With the following kit BA arctic sleeping bag, Folding mat by highlander, Drysack for main compartment!

    The folding mattress seems to take up a fair bit of space in lieu I have a self inflating mattress CF issue. Which can be shaped to fit inside perfectly!
    Taking up less space!

    I have used 3 ruck systems in my 26 years in the CDN forces and I wish I would have had this piece of kit! I wish our army would have adopted it!

    I know now that the guys going over are issued something new but I haven't seen one yet! While the rest still use the 84 pattern Rucksack which SUCKS.

    Thanks in advance !
  2. One tip I used to good effect in Norway is to pack items in zip lock plastic bags, squeezing the air out of each. It makes it a lot easier to get things in and out as the plastic slides against plastic and it adds protection from wet and damp.
  3. Also great for having a sh1te in should the need arrise!
  4. We tried that but it got difficult to tell them from our bags of chow.
  5. That will teach you for joining the Gyreens
    You'll be sorreeeeey!
  6. Well played! :lol:
  7. place all items in.....stomp the f*ck out of it until it closes.....well thats how i was taught!
  8. Try and put all your equipment in the side pouches, thus leaving you ample room in the main compartment for your exclamation marks.
  9. you can also get bigger bags, intended for storage of duvets and simmilar itmes. the idea is that they have a valve on them, through which the air is sucked, usualy with a vacum cleaner. I stick my sleeping bag, and other large clothing items in one, in the bottom of my (civilian hiking) bergan, and seal it up. you can then squash it down, forcing all of the air out, and compressing the sleeping bag ect into the bottom of the bergan.

    I believe you can also get drybags with a similar valve, which would be more expensive, but wouldn't make as much noise, and probably last longer.
  10. I use two or three (issue stuff sacks) I think they were supposed to be dry bags. inside my big canoe bag for lothes etc. I have a smaller canoe bag velcroed to the inside lid with warm kit, and a small lightweight one in the top pocket.

    Everybag is marked up with what is in it. And my "special" bag with orders kit etc is flo yellow with a tracer jobby on it. :D

    Waterproofs, camalbacetc go in my daysac, also under the lid.
  11. And apparently if you cut a hole in the bottom you can get more in
  12. I think that is called the "ceasarian" mod :D
  13. My technique: Actually pack at last minute. Lay out all kit well in advance. Add stuff you need. Check your kit lists. Then THROW OUT HALF OF IT. Pack the remainder.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Get 1 large pack and jump all over it, dont put kit in it, just put it in the skip!
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I second that one Ugs. I think the large pack was designed by the Russians to make life as miserable for us as possible prior to 3 Shock Army coming over the horizon.