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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Top_Crab, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. I came across this thread on E goat......

    they seem to be of the opinion that the infantry will trash anything in sight, any truth in this?
    The link does'nt seem to work but it is in the 'letters to the shop floor' thread on e-goat, called 'The Welsh Retards'.
  2. Your link is utterly, utterly useless.
  3. no truth - never saw that in ten years - did see some Paras fighting once - with each other :wink:
  4. Good lads :D
  5. I'm surprised it was only several, what's wrong with nicking the lot!
  6. From page 2 of the link - once I'd found it:)

    (My emphasis)
    This sort of attitude confirms why I tend to dislike most RAF. He failed to mention that their Cpls are (or certainly can be) about 50!

    I heard a RAF officer in MPA discussing that he thought a RAF Cpl was the equivalent of an Army Sgt / SSgt due to their experience. He seemed to get a little upset when told by the Pongos surrounding him that he was fundamentally mistaken!

    Utterly, Utterly Crab.
  7. were the beer crates bolted down ?

    some in that thread said
    "Trouble is, the infantry are the chavs' way in to the military"

    thats right the infantry wear burburry and herni lloyd jackets and are normally seen hanging around on street corners doing nothing.
  8. Says the bloke whose grammar is terrible.
  9. Never heard so much siht.....I see the RAF are keeping to their standards
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    For once I think the crab is correct. They are complete tossers. :oops:

    Fancy breaking into the JRs mess and only stealing a few crates of beer. :dead: What about the bottles of vodka, whisky, rum etc? Ciggys for those that do? Personally I think the guys that did this should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves (when they sober up!).

    Surely 'Actions on breaking into the JRs mess' should include a bit more than a few crates of beer. IMHO :headbang:
  11. I think this just shows how much the RAF misunderstand the Army. They really do live in their own little world. They have their 'trades' and jobs to get on with, keeping camps running and aircraft flying, which they do particularly well. Aircrews train for war as part of their job.

    The RAF ground element are basically so focused on their trades that the defence of the installations/aircraft they work on is done by the RAF Regiment. They are not trained to fight.

    That is why this particular bloke finds the Infantry so abhorrant - he doesn't understand what they do (apart from robbing the mess!). Other NATO airforces are a bit more 'militarised' (but they are not as good at their 'trades').

    Wingeing crabs, I say scrap their brylcreem allowance and make 'em all do 10 milers! :lol:
  12. Clearly the guys Mum left his daddy for an infanteer after he showed her the pleasure of shit shafting.

  13. The RAF are civilians, albeit civilians in blue serge trousers and nose cone painted shoes.

    They are not a fighting force in the true sense e.g. aggression on tap combined with physical robustness etc.

    The RAF need replacing with Easy Jet. Your average gay, orange wearing flight attendant has more fighting spirit than those mincing honchos.

    I'm getting vexed now so I'm popping out to induce a coronary in a 47 year old SAC, I'm threatening him with a PT session.
  14. dey writ wiv rUlerrs two
  15. As opposed to the RMP who write along the top of their rulers...