Infantry Battle School - Brecon

Does anyone know what the accomodation is like for Officers and can you bring your dog :lol:
Lt_Seefeldt said:
Does anyone know what the accomodation is like for Officers and can you bring your dog :lol:
Yes - absolutely gleaming, best accommodation you'll see. One of the few compensations for being in Wales :wink: The YOs are in block up at the top of Dering Lines, opened just over a year ago; purpose-built when PCBC moved from Warminster. Plush individual rooms, with loads of storage and work space, en suite shower and loo, and (my personal favourite) heated towel rail. Big covered walkway out the front for cleaning wpns/kit. Plenty of dhobbi and drying facilities. It's even close to the Spar.
You have to park your car about 10 miles away from your block and mobile signal is pish, but you'd expect that...
Take a goat, the Gurkhas prefer them.
The accomodation is gleaming. Pity you spend very little time in it! You could take your dog but it would starve to death in your gleaming room on its own for weeks at a time.


Lt S,

I imagine, that from your previous threads, you are on a course. Therefore, what the hell do you think your doing taking a dog on a two week course!!!!???

I know the Army is pretty relaxed about dogs in the Mess/Camp, but you are starting to take the p**s!!

I can just imagine your instructor in the Harbour area - 'where is Lt S'?. Reply 'He's taken his dog out for a bracing morning walk, he said he would meet us at the start line'!!

Tell me I'm wrong - please!


Oh, and another thing, if you one of your boys was attending a two week CIC in Catterick, do you think he would post a similar` thread. No he wouldn't!!!!
Come on PIP, I posted the dog thing for a laugh.

I find it funny how every set of JI's I recieve says don't bring pets, its such a military things.

I wouldn't expect my guys to post on here, but I would expect them to ask others who have done the course for advice.


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