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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by wannabe-rifleman, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. I have tried to search this subject with no luck. Just looking for an idea of what everyday infantry batallion life is like while not on ops. I have an idea but i'm just looking to see if anybody with experience or knowledge can shed any light on it further.

    When i went on chosen man course i asked the riflemen and they said they did phys on a morning then training drills on an afternoon. They also said they go on training exercises to kenya and other places. Can anybody else share their experiences?
  2. 0800 - Parade
    0815 - 0930 - fitness
    0930 - 1000 - Shower and change
    1030 - 1100 - NAAFI break
    1100 - 1230 - Some sort of bluff training
    1230 - 1400 - Lunch
    1400 - 1700 - Some sort of bluff training
    1700 - Standown
  3. I might add that a good soldier will find at least one excuse to leave barracks/go to the bank/visit the pay office at least once a day. :)
  4. bluff training ?
  5. Yes. Pretend you are training when in reality there's not actually anything to do but play on the xbox or bang one out.
  6. Auld-Yin

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    OK that's Sunday taken care of - what about the rest of the week? :D
  7. The rest of the week is a long weekend of course! :D
  8. how often do you get to go away on training exercises? Looking forward to that bit.
  9. One of you pts on a blindfold & tries to catch the others.
  10. haha, sounds like great fun :D
  11. This is going to sound cheeky but this is exactly why I went TA, prefer to stay in bed scratching my arrse until late, but once the training was out the way, just loads and loads of fun exercises to look forward to, and your choice of FTRS' depending on availability and requirements, did consider the regs but I like as say "the best of both worlds" ;)
  12. fu ck off stab
  13. Fallschrimjager summed it up quite well, I most if not all Infantry Battalions will follow a similar routine depending on your job. Rifle Coy's will spend a lot of time on PT or bluffing it.

    My experience is that the support platoons always seem to have some thing on the go such as training or cadres.

    Signals/CIS Platoons generally spend alot of time drinking brews and sitting around in the stores for most of the day, though when on exercise we are very busy and work hard (though the rest of the battalion would disagree).

    MT Platoons always seem to be sitting around drinking brews, except when there's Coy or Bn PT then they're all on detail somewhere.

    Of course, this all depends on the Bn you join (I'm guessing by the username you're looking at the Rifles) and the people in charge of the Plts/Coys.

    As for the going on exercises this again depends on the unit and the people in charge, though when you're preparing to deploy on Ops you'll go on loads of exercises.
  14. Crow_bag , just watched what i presume are your vids mate ...quality really well put together.