Infantry Basic Standard Issuse Equipment

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chris1994, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Can't seem to find a simple list of the standard issue equipment for the infantry (private rank)?

    (P.S i have read the mod websites kit & equipment page)

  2. Everything you'll need
  3. What do you need it for?
  4. Here's the French kit list,
  5. Thought this was the marines standard issue?
  6. I can see this thread going downhill fast! :lol:
  7. :D at LLech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    also standard issue for our RN now since Iranian Waters a couple of years back (Nelson and Sir Rally rotating in graves as we speak! ......... also press the Crab in 55 years to come! approx fingures crossed! :) ), a certain Nation in the Med has issued this to their troops also since the start of WW2 also ............ :)
  8. You will get :
    a old set of webbing
    a rifle whose gas parts havent been cleaned before returning ready for the next intake and have to be bashed open with a leatherman :x
    a poncho that either has a load of bungis already in it or not ( you want it WITH bungies btw, even if it does look gash),
    3x 95 shirts
    2x 95 trousers,
    2x 95 jackets ( dont worry if you cant crease it properly, there difficult)
    your feet will get measured up for boots, one pair for general use and the other pair i would get polishing now and every day for your pass out
    A berghan
    day sack
    You will be fitted for a respirator adn it wil come with a bag
    CBRN kit
    1x helicopter landing pad
    1 yellow pair of ear defnse
    1 big ear muff type ear defense ( yellow goes inside green over top )
    a handfull of bungies and webbing straps and other assorted green fabrics
    And some admin kit, i think thats about it.

    Sorry to be serious guys.
  9. A handful of Budgies ?

    Is that a new Clint Eastowood film ? :soldier:
  10. Yeah there is also the good, the bad and the quatermaster and A few bungies more ( where he proceeds to beat you to death with some silver shadows for asking for more bungies )
  11. Unwanted items,
    If there is any serving/exserving personnal who has any unwanted clothing/equipment that might be usefull to the cadet force, please let me know, we will gladly take it off your hands.
    I run a small detachment in Somerset with limited kit, so if there is anything going please email me.

    Thanks guys
    Ex Royal Signals
  12. that was quite a random post in this thread.

    there's whole threads dedicated to donating to cadet units!