Infantry Bands

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by benjaminw1, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Apropros the Amalgamations

    Does this now mean that all future infantry regiments will have dedicated badged bands?
  2. I note the Royal Regiment of Scotland will have one band though each Bn will have Pipes&Drums.
  3. One Band per Division is more acurate: Royal Regiment of Scotland; Queen's Division; King's Division; Prince of Wales Division and the Light Division Band, (to become the Band of The Rifles). As ever the Guards Division keeps all its 7 Bands. Usual cr*p argument no doubt that they perform ceremonial duties and are a tourist attraction. Based on rational used wrt the other Bands, they could be reduced to 2, one mounted and one foot.
    Full details are in April Solider Magazine, page 13.