Infantry Attached to other Infantry

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by blonde_guy, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. ugly

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    If as a formed sub unit then usually now would have been the answer however patch and capbadge is generally ok but as the Special one would happily point out the TA lads attached (multi cap badges) to 2LI in Bosnia stood their ground in the main and wore own badges and bits (if the section about the 10 Para lads is clear in my memory)
  2. Do the Gurkhas still have their reinforcement companies attached to other infantry battalions?
  3. Yes. When they had blokes with 2 PARA in '01-'02 they all qualified for and wore the maroon machine. They also had a small company(?) with 3 PARA in Afghan in 2006. Of late they went last year with 19 Brigade and 1RGR are off again soon.

    However, as recruitment goes up, they are not in such high demand.
  4. GRCs have traditionally adopted some of their foster parent Regt/Bns accoutrements.

    The lads with the Mercians are wearing the Mercian Beret and the Mercian TRF along with th Brigade of Gurkhas TRF. When with the Paras back in the '90s they wore the Red Beret and the DZ flash of the Bn.

    I think, but I'll have to confirm, they wore the shamrock of the RIR when attached to them, in the early '00s.

    It gives the GRC in question a sort of ID of its own, they are part of their foster Bn so show how they are joined by such accoutrements. GRCs are a funny thing.

    QGS wear RSignals and BoG TRF
    QGE wear RE and BoG TRF
    QoGLR wear RLC and Bog TRF

    so it is pretty much the norm.

    The Brigade of Gurkhas TRF is what sets them apart, and the fact they are all jolly Nepali lads... until they are fcuked off.
  5. My bold. That is incorrect as the QOGLR have their own capbadge, and slight adjustments to No2/Service Dress and Mess kit. I beleive that QGS and QGE also have a slightly different capbadge to their parent Corps.

    Edited for sausage fingers.
  6. So the GRCs have their own uniform identity separate from the main RGR?
  7. i was part of a platoon of Fusiliers(TA) attached to 1QLR on Telic 2 and we came under a lot of pressure before we deployed to adopt their capbadge and accoutrements To a man we refused. created a bit of fuss at the time and we were threatened with court martial for refusing direct orders. when none of us budged it was quietly dropped

    we flew the hackle throughout that tour which annoyed the hell out of the toasties. we celebrated our regimental days and traditions took on guard duties whilst they celebrated theirs.

    we got some shit for it but accepted it as worth it in the end
  8. No, the personnel are drawn from the various detached companies of Gurkhas (such as Sandhurst and Brecon demonstration Coys). Although MoD asks RGR to provide GRCs on demand, they provide no extra recruit slots or training so men are scrounged from existing formations.

    Typical 'cost savings'.
  9. Yes, I remember seeing fusiliers stagging on at the main gate of the palace and thinking they had stayed over from telic 1.

    Was also Green Howards stagging on at the airport, who wore there own berets.

    Saying that Ive saw a fusilier wearing a maroon beret c/w hackle (looked really odd) and various other mish mashes when infantry and corps blokes are attached to other battalions.
  10. ive just been a little sick in my mouth when i read that. thats just wrong on so many levels. :puker:

    we used to allow our attached clerks to wear a hackle in their capbadge but someone higher up the CoC put the mockers on that one.

    by the way those fusiliers at the palace werent us we were based at the Baath Party HQ
  11. Oh right, well I can see how the QLR were getting a sh1tty on with your lads then, wasn't that there main HQ?

    Yes, this bloke was attached to 16x for their first herrick tour. He must of been some sort of spokesman as I saw him on skynews babbling on about something. Can't remember what though, like everyone else I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Very strange sight.
  12. I remember reading in the RRF Journal about a (Major I think) who was on exchange with the RM, and having passed AACC wore the commando beret with the hackle; even got married in it too at the Tower of London
  13. GRCs and GDCs are different entities completely. Both GDCs are pretty much stand alone, although I think (note I think) they are part of the wo Bns of RGR. GRCs are formed to support various units hat need them. I think the originals to the 16AA Bde were from the disbanded 3RGR as was.

    Re capbadges, I didn't mention capbadges but you are correct. THe RGR have the crossed Kukries with crown added, recruits wear just the kukries. The Corps prety much the same capbadges as the Brits just wth kikries added.
  14. I've seen quite a few pics of Household Cavalry officers and soldiers wearing maroon berets, including the CO on their tour which has just ended. Who in the HCR is entitled to wear the maroon beret? Anyone who is para-trained (P Coy and jumps course) or specific troops/squadrons?