Infantry accommodation question.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Sam3773, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Finally getting my application processed for a regular soldier in the light infantry (RIFLES) after a mighty * up on my online application and can't wait to get started at ITC Catterick. So far so good, working on my physical pretty hard and getting there.

    So far there's only one thing I'm not too sure about and that's accommodation (After Catterick). I've been having a browse and I hear they're trying to make all new SLA one man rooms, however some are still communal rooms of up to 4 people (As I understand it, anyway). Just wanted to know how many infantry soldiers, not necessarily RIFLES are actually in single man rooms?

    Thanks. Great forum by the way; the search function has answered damn-near all my questions. :D

  2. im in single one man rooms

    they are gleaming... en suite bathroom with shower sink and bog

    shitloads of storage space, double bed

    cable tv, internet, phoneline

    communal kitchen/dining area between 6 rooms, with utility room washing machine/dryer

    storage cupboard with bergen lockers

    all the accomodation should be like this i reckon, completely different than my old 1930's block i had in catterick lol

    loads of new camps being built round tidworth at the moment.

    edited for mong spelling
  3. One
  4. Me thinks you are not who you say you are! You are far too literate and you spell accommodation correctly (which I know from personal experience is beyond most young infanteers - not wishing to be demeaning to infanteers (I am one myself)) So who exactly are you?
  5. CHRIS_2006

    Infantry accommodation sounds good to in my day..1969
  6. Agree with you, GG. Abbreviations too accurate too. Someone in the system - probably Q - looking for feedback. Defo not a journo.
  7. Am I to take it that Infantry Soldiers get different accommodation to the rest of the army or did he mean what sort of rooms do single soldiers get?
  8. its not just infantry who have new camps like ours though

    theres loads popping up in tidworth
  9. I seem to remember that in basic it was ten to a room, in battalion it was pure fecking luxury with brand spanking 3 man rooms, and you had to spend some lovely time completing junior NCO cadre to have any chance of your own private love nest.
  10. You wont care after a few days in a shell scrape
  11. At first I thought "How refreshing". Now with you Doubting Thomas's I'm starting to wonder 8O
  12. Haha. After wasting away half my life in internet games and forums I know what it's like to have people speak liekdis and refuse to acknowledge the search function. I am, however genuine. If you're really arrsed, contact my ACIO in Taunton. Just got my medical documents in the post and getting ready to send them off.

    The only reason I ask this question is because I know some full time soldiers still live in communal rooms, and I've just bought a nice new 32" TV. Just wondering if it can move in with me after Catterick.

    Can't wait to get in now. I'm currently working in PC World and it's such a big drag.

    Thanks for the answers chaps. :D
  13. Lock your door :wink:
  14. Haha. To be fair, I don't think I'll have time to watch it. :D

    Part of me hopes not. That means I'll be too busy doing things I actually enjoy.

    At the moment I'm just so bored with my life and at the age of 18, that can't be good. Going on the "Chosen man 2" course on the 17th, so that should be fun, but I just wanna' get in and start training.