Infanteers Infantryman

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by essexbob, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Watching the Trooping on saturday and one of the presenters called the RSM the infanrymans' infantryman,or words to that effect.

    What in the opinion of the infantrymen here makes a good infantryman?
  2. The ability to read your posts without falling asleep
  3. Several ranks of well pressed red tunics, the balls to stand and wait until your see the whites of there eyes...

    hang on..that was Zulu..d'oh!
  4. The ability to fire three rounds a minute in any weather
  5. The ability to knock one out at any type of low grade pornography!
  6. The ability to get all those horses to march in step and not dump a load in front of Her Majesty. I thought the infantry didn't have horses.
  7. You can get more infantry soldiers in a Wolf than a horse :p

    edited for sarcasm A_M
  8. The ability to drink your body weight in alcohol, have a fight, scuttle a slag and still be on parade in the morning
  9. Double post sorry
  10. I assume its not marching about , but the Guards Div are a bit strange like that ( not that they can,t solider ) each regiment have there own strange habits

    ie Para,s like putting things up there bums ( or so i heard )
    Gurkas spend there spare time building perfect models and the jocks like drinking a vast amount of buckfast .

  11. that is the definition of support company
  12. i personally think this is the best answer :)
  13. The ability to knock a "Danger Tug" out during any task, supervised or not.
  14. You need supervision to wank? :?
  15. And survive to do it all again.