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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mr H, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Hi , i am just about to take my barb and realy want to know a few things about the infantry and sports . I am wondering do i get a driving licence and are all sports avalible at all Regiments. And after my training do i go straight to afgan .

    MR H
  2. You do the theory part of your cat B about midpoint during training & do the 2week practical after pass off. If you have your cat B then you do cat C.

    Most mainstream sports are available to you (football, rugby, hockey, basketball etc) at battalion - whether you actually get sports afternoon on a Wednesday to participate in them is another matter :)

    Depending on your battalion's cycle you might be put in to rear party's BCR platoon to replace casualties in-theatre if your unit is currently in Afghan, you might need to wait 18months before going on tour, or anything inbetween (BATUS, BATUK, PDT etc).
  3. Thanks for the info

  4. FFS! also asked who had the 'nicest'...ooh, get her....accomodation.

    You're just about to do your BARB and only now thinking of what to do/Regt?....Get the feck back down to the ACIO and bore them, they're paid to answer bone questions.
  5. I did my BARB in 97 with no real direction or idea in all honesty. Let the lad glean some info from a readily available, objective internet source in order to make a better informed decision instead of giving him unhelpful, dweebish replies.
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Thread Status:
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