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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. We all have the odd story to tell whilst propping up the bar about "the" most infamous NAAFI bar, one or two we'd like to forget, one or two we'd like to remember however the only recolection we have was a bird who signed out the back end of a bedford for an arrse, a half eaten bratwurst on the floor and a sink full of bum graffiti.

    The origins of the NAAFI date back to the late 1800s before which the British soldier often fought on only two meals a day..ask Auld Yin I'm sure that was his era. Following a review of facilities ordered by Churchill, the NAAFI was born in January 1921 incorporating all three services.. (I stand to be corrected, maybe some you can further contribute)

    NAAFI culture is symbolical to the forces lifestyle and as said previously the subject of many a soldiers yarn...So lets here them!Who can lay claim to having the most "infamous" Naafi/Sqn/Unit drinking den and why??
  2. If I think back to the time I partook in beverages from a NAAFI the place was only generally frequented if the Sqn bars had been vandalised or closed by COs / OCs or being redocorated and having the carpets cleaned of bodily fluids.

    From what I recall the actual NAAFI bars lacked charachter, all the photgraphs of lads on the lash, gizzits and profs from all over the place took pride of place within the unit drinking dens.

    I recall one night as a sprog opening my mouth, when really I should have sat there listening being picked up by six big fellas and having my head bounced of the Sqn Bell...... many cheered and drinks were provided by the barman.... excellent I thought, until the lumps on my head were out numbered by the number of hundred marks owed on my bar bill... It hadn't dawned on me that I was ringing the bell and therefore buying everyone in the bar a drink... cnuts!

    For me the Sqn bars with 664 AAC at Minden was where I did my drinking apprenticeship, the place stunk like a tramps sock and the bogs looked like something out of an arse explosion, but I only have fond memories..... drunked blokes singing Bat out of hell (well the words they knew with the odd 'shhiinnneeeppoeeww' thrown in) ridiculour bar games and antices you wouldn't tell your mum about.
  3. Cut my teeth in "jimmys" at 8 Sig Regt back when the home of the Signals was Catterick, then a posting order changed my "local" to the Malborough at JHQ. loved it - sticky carpets and dark corners... spent many a night playing Spoof or Spot and friday nights was the disco.

    Saturday nights was traditionally "mix with the locals" night so we went out to the Red Hen or to Monchengladbach to "the street" where the taxi dropped you off at the top of the incline where the cash point was and you zigzaged down from pub to pub which had loving names like

    The Gravel Pit (cam net and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling - everyone tightly packed in yet people still playing darts over peoples heads)

    mukyfcuk (no comment)

    Bobbys bar (expat - sold Guinness)

    Chocolats (everyone thought it was a gay bar but went anyway - cos next door was the "nutterbunker")

    and others i am too old to remember...

    Or the Red Hen.... got a card on the way in, didnt pay for drinks until the way out - and there was always that boxhead nutter who danced like a gimp to everysong out of his box on speed or acid or both.

    but fond fond memories of the Malborough club - got my first kicking of a bull dyke lezzer in there. - proud moment.

  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Two meals a day. 8O

    By heck tha had' cushy life.

    Lump of porridge, cup of tea and march till sunset. 8)

    They made soldiers in my day not poofters :wink:
  5. Took a naafi manageress back to my room once. Turns out she had a pen'chant for bum sex..........Yes there is a god :twisted:
  6. There are many NAAFI bars that I remember, but the one that will remain in my memory is,’ The Castaways Club’, Brunei.

    Friday night disco and selling raffle tickets to everyone who came. Quite amazingly, it was always one of us,’ singlies’ that won one of the bottles, which were the prizes. Go figure

    However, I digress, digest, what ever? There was a Singaporean? Bloke as the barman, he used to think the bar had ‘rats’. Cuz there would, during the week, be empty packets of crisps and broken bottles of beer on the floor. Not to mention the mars bars etc.

    It is quite amazing what you can do with a snooker cue, coat hanger, Harry black and some Para cord when the bar shuts, especially if the shutter is one of those, lattice work jobbies. 
  7. the naafi bop on hobart bks,detmold.

    riot between 5'n'9s and 4 armd wksp.

    police dog knocked out.

    made the papers in the uk apparently.
  8. Not to mention the 'grow your own blow'.??
  9. Sorry, was just too obvious :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Titter ye not jinxy :lol: :lol: :lol:
    It was good sex and her drunken declaration halfway through that she wished that there was more of me (men not inches) had me reaching for a beer bottle and .............well lets just say its no substitute, but it emptied my gonads... :D
  11. Edinghburgh House in Berlin on afriday night, getting tanked up before heading to earlybirds ...................
  12. I too am a child of the Marly (and Queensway). There was no better place in the world to get leathered than at a 52 in one of these fine hostelries. 8PM Fri till midnight Sun, with the bar open the whole time. Lovely

    Also worth a mention was the Jubilee Club at Wildenrath, always good for a scrap with the Rockapes of 16 Sqn who were always getting out of their box. I remember the disco being abandoned one night when the DJ, a spotty SAC who sat in a box high up to one side of the stage with a little hatch to look out of, got p*ssed off at being pelted with snowballs (NOT the drink) and pulled the plug to stop "getting electocuted"

    Colditz Arms in Osnabruck too. Godd night out.
  13. The "Canache Club" (opposite Coastel 2 in Stanley) - what a sh1tehole by the end of the night...

    Bits of ripped-up goose in the pint glasses (feet - that sort of thing), turds floating in there too - nice!

    Loads of bezzering at 23:30hrs, crossing the freezing road to walk up the gangplank back - wearing T-shirts in a snow blizzard - can't fault it!

    I remember getting lamped by a navy diver one night, as the EFI manageress kissed me in front of everyone - I think he was slipping her an inch too at the same time...

    That said, the club out the back of Coastel 3 (or 1 - wherever the crabs were) - got a right doing over by a visiting bunch of RHA - good - 'cos they were quite the worst toilets I've seen outside SE Asia!
  14. 7 Sigs Naafi bar aka 'The Jungle' in the late 80s was not just a clever name. After completing your pint in the boat race, it was de rigeur to shun the normal up turning of the glass on top of one's head, and instead the true debonair drinker opted for the slightly more spectacular option of smashing the pint pot over his swede.
    As MDN said though, the main innebriation was done in the Sqn bars, with maybe a trip to the colonel before going into town and getting turned away from all manner of boxhead discos, for being ein britischer soldatten.
    Also the Guru has hit on a true beacon of BAOR boozing, in the form of the 52 at Rhein D, that was fantastische and it was the first time I saw anyone wilfully eat the bleach blocks out of the urinals.
    Editted to ad a tip of the hat to the Sunspot club in BFPO 12.
  15. "The" most infamous NAAFI bar must be the NAAFI at the Sennelager Trainng Camp. I can remember several occasions where the big bar was full of different units on a day off from training. All sarts well but as the night goes on the playfull banter turns into something a little more risque and then the cans start to fly. Once that happens it's everyone for themselves and a stinking hangover in the morning.

    Oh and who could forget the pub on the strip with "nails" as the entertainment the "senne eck" i think and that night club just along the road. Never could remember the name as the memory by that time was shot.

    Happy Days :? I think