Inf to Formation Recce????

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Zarathustra, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Evenin' all,
    before i start i'd like to point out that i did do a search for this topic but didn't find anything, but if there is a post then feel free to move/delete/take the piss as appropriate.

    I did post late last year about the KRH but i've got a new question/s if you fine gents would be kind enough to answer them.

    Since doing Recce work in Afghan before i got inhjured and sent back, i got talking to some Light Dragoon and Kings Royal Hussars lads we have in our company and the idea of Formation Recce has grown on me.

    So, my main question is this, has anyone here made the leap from the Infantry to Formation Recce, if so how hard was it to change (not transfer). Does anyone know other people who've made the same move, if so howdid they get on?

    Because i don't have a local Formation Recce regiment i've been looking at the Light Dragoon, Q.R.L and the Houshold Cavalry (but i've my time stagging on already and don't really fancy to learn to polish more kit). Anyone any opinions (preferably sensible ones) on these regiment or any insight to what their regimental life is like.

    Sorry it's been a longone lads but i need to do a bit of research before commiting myself to somthing and theres only so much you can get from the Army website.

    Thanks in advance for any help/insults
  2. Crow,a bit ago but we had a couple of Infantry join our Regiment, which is Recce, and not a problem at all. Cannot see why their should be?? As well training is provided :)

    Probably your experience would be more than welcome, as well dismounted still occurs.
  3. We to have a few Ex Inf guys in QDG.Your skills would be of benefit to any
    FR regiment.
  4. Hey mate I'm also going FR having left the Infantry ( though it was jus after ITC and Harrogate so didn't go on any tours ) and have been advised by quite a few Cav blokes that I'd fit in well in a Support Sqn as theres plenty of dismounted stuff goin on and quite a few former Infantrymen. I'm waitin out for surgery in July before I can get back in like and I'm down for Household Cav, plannin on changin it to whatever FR regiment will be goin on ops the nearest when I'll finish up at Bovy. My company OC wrote that I was most at home in the field but my barrack admin still has room for improvement, so I dont think I'd benefit the household cavalry mounted reg as much as a field sqn. Just thought I'd post that, not really helpful in any way like but I'd be intrested to hear how yae get on as I dont actually know which Regiment I'll be joining yet ....
  5. I know of a couple of soldiers who have transfered from the infantry to the RAC (although all at a fairly junior level Tpr/LCpl level). If you transfer at the Pte/LCpl level you should have no great difficulties. RAC regiments tend to be keen on infantry transferees (with some operational experience) because in these days of the RAC doing light role tours, infantry experience is a valuable comodity to be passed on.
  6. hey,

    as u can tell by the typing i to am ex inf,i left itc after i did my 22weeks an now serve with h cav an it great

    you should have no dramas with getting posted to recce side of things just make it clear u hate horses an that u wont join other wise, the regiment is mega i know of very few regiments that can boast bout there sqns as our A ab C sqns are armoud B sqn is survullance an the mighty D sqn is airborne so join us lol
  7. I think your keyboard is f***ed mate.
  8. Nope Crow, knew many a Tin who hadnt seen a horse during their careers, some do go off and do the ceremonial and love it, some as i said just work the tanks, however if your thinking of Recce also try QRL :) or QDGs, which Paveway will tell you about. Both good Recce Regiments and your experience will count bigtime. Pm me if you want anymore help.