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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by kc1982kc, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. kc1982kc

    kc1982kc Old-Salt

    Whats the process and requirements for transfer into the AAC ?
  2. Higher than 10 on an IQ test?

    I'm fooked.
  3. kc1982kc

    kc1982kc Old-Salt

    I know the 6 section battle drills does that help ? :twisted:
  4. Zapped

    Zapped Old-Salt

    Be completely unable to organise and plan anything whatsoever. Change your mind constantly and expect your support to anticipate this. Concentrate only on getting your arrse in the sky and expect everyone to do their utmost to achieve this irrespective of their own workload. Ignore all advice given to you because after all you're a pilot and know everything.
    I'm sure I'll be able to think of some more later on!
  5. Failed grading did you? :roll:
  6. Ralf

    Ralf War Hero


    Can we have a sticky at the top as we seem to get alot of threads about how to transfer and want to be a peedo, I mean a pilot.

    That way after much ridicule and they pass the banter test we send them towards the sticky.

    Just a thought........OK Im fooking off now.
  7. Zapped

    Zapped Old-Salt

    Rather gouge both my eyes out and stamp on them! Besides I'm far too busy keeping your cabs serviceable.
    If they can send monkeys into space...............
  8. Its nice to know you've not set your sights too high and kept your ambition within your own limits then. ;) :D

    kc1982kc, you looking at transferring on the ground or applying for flying curse?
  9. Zapped

    Zapped Old-Salt

    Yeah you're right - I prefer exercising my mind at work rather than my wrist!!!!
  10. I thought you said you were a BAT? :roll:
  11. r.sole

    r.sole Crow

    Thought this sounded like a BAT
  12. kc1982kc

    kc1982kc Old-Salt

    I not quite sure yet ,I'm only in the very early stages of researching this so came to this section of the forums for obvious reasons and read through threads on this subject that have all mainly turned out to be mindless dribble or a slagging match , all i require is the standards that need to be achieved and the quals etc etc .

    As someone is quoted on the thread there should be a sticky on the subject to stop it turning into hundreds of threads on the same subject .
  13. Until you know how you are going to transfer, it's difficult to offer advice.

    What is your current position? (Time served, rank etc?) PM me if you wish.
  14. Pocoyo

    Pocoyo War Hero

    Hmmmmm...but who gets paid peanuts?

    I don't blame you for not flying mate, these days it's dangerous. Much safer back at the ranch with the other REMFs, sorry - REMEs