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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by cdt_parker, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. hi, im new here and i was looking at the army site and noticed that it said gunners often deploy in an inf. role so i was just wondering how often does this happen,what kind of things would the gunner be doing with the infantry and do you have to deploy in the infantry role?
    thanks for any replies.

  2. Not a gunner so can,t answer your question. However all Rgts/corps can be deployed in an Infantry role. You are a soldier first & a tradesman second.

    Regards LT.
  3. Unless we deploy to a war fighting environment ie Telic 1, thats all we do is deploy as infantry.............(we still blow things up back at home on exercise though)

    and Iraq.........

    although we did deploy to the balkans with guns, we were just doing infantry type patrols,

    Rent an Infantry unit thats what we should be called..........

    dont get me wrong it actually makes it a bit more interesting, but at the moment it is so much its starting to cause skill fade especially amongst the op/cp world.....

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  4. errrmmmm

    We did use the guns in the Balkans, firing from Mt Igman at Serb mortar baseplates etc.

    Incidentally, there is some discussion whether units are being deployed in the Inf role, or a more general PSO role.
  5. There has been many varied debates on this subject throughout Arrse.

    Of late we would like to think we Gunners deploy on Ops as an Inf type role, but actually as seen in the Balkans, Telic etc our roles we have had to take on outside of Warfighting has been very much Peace Support Operations (PSO)

    Believe it or not or even like it or not there is a difference. Basic Skills + ITDs and a 2 week OPTAG Package does not equal the depth of knowledge a Infanteer has.

    In answer to the original posters question, it may look like were doing an Inf job on Ops but it is not. Simply look at the RA Recruiting website to understand how we operate outside of our normal Gunner role. You will see in the site plenty of examples of what we Gunners do in role and out of role, on Ops and at home.

    PM me for more info if required.
  6. you dont have a susat----so there not infantry, and never will be. infatry are the best at this. sorry....artillery are good at what they do...but when the shit hits the fans. its the infatry that sort it out. simple. sorry
  7. Ive heard that u drop shorts r deploying to afhgan with ure guns any truth in that

  8. :roll:

    If I buy a SUSAT on ebay can I be in the infatry then?
    Learn to spell d*ck head

    T C

  9. :roll:

    If I buy a SUSAT on ebay can I be in the infatry then?
    Learn to spell d*ck head

    T C
  10. Crobbo9 - one point.

    I have a SUSAT but am in the RA, not the infantry. I am a member of an OP party and my boys and I get to do all the Inf stuff as well as calling down fire for you fellas.

    Yes we are Inf on the cheap, always have been, always will be. We are proud of our ability to deploy with the guns and, as soon as the war fighting stops, deploy into the Inf role and hold ground.

    Bored now.

  11. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    I have a SUSAT and i am in an Artillery role in Iraq at the moment. Enough said i think.
  12. RA do PSO not infantry

    However Infantry do PSO so whats the difference, this has gone round and round in plenty of threads.

    Bottom line is Arty deploy more often in non arty roles that is akin to infantry (that is patrol with rifles) than other non-inf units. Those inf types on here who like to slag us for our inf pretensions are blissfully unaware of what we do and how often we do it. I did 5 tours in NI and worked with Paras and Marines who got nowere near that much op tour experence under thier belts, and I'm not talking sprogs, one was a RM major who was on the same tour as my first and he didn't return. This will probaly be countered with a line about loads of tours doesn't mean better at the job, true but I haeard heard of many reports where, in the PSO role, RA units were favoured over Inf ones simply for the Hearts and Minds factor,. In other words, Infantry good at getting stuck in and good at kill or capture the enemy, RA good at keeping the peace afterwards, as it should be.

    Ofh and for the record, i used to be in a Batterty that EVERYONE had a SUSAT ALL the time and not just for tours, so shove that up yer poophole :D
  13. fair enough then really. a bit of banter never hurt anyone
  14. forgot that apologys for that Fluffy

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

    but i actually agree with robbo a bit, i aint no ace section commander, but i can do more than one job to a high level at the same time which is something for the grunts to chew on..................

    banter, banter,

    you all want to be OPs

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  15. Let’s not start this one lads

    I’m a Gunner who has done numerous out of role tours but we are not infantry

    Our much vaunted 2 for the price of one bollo*ks has hurt us hugely, our current skill fade (especially amongst the AS90 Regts) is massive

    Much better that we get back to doing what we are good at instead of being half arsed Infantry on the lower band