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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by noble2, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    [align=justify]This is my first post on ARRSE and I am looking for some advice. I finish university this coming May (2009) and I am really interested in joining the Army, but I am torn between joining the infantry or the int corps. I was wondering how much action you will see in intelligence? Mainly because, although I am really interested in intelligence, I would still like to do a fair amount of the 'green' stuff, preferably in equal proportion. Are there any jobs that offer this?[/align]

  2. Would you like to read a map and then shoot someone, or read a map and then colour it in?
  3. Welcome to the site, Noble.

    Are you planning to join as an officer or a soldier?

    What is your degree and what other skills can you bring to the party?

    Tell us that, and the informed membership can, well, inform you!

  4. [align=justify]I would like to join as an officer, but would also consider soldier roles.

    My degree is in politics and law, but I picked modules such as International Terrorism, Regional Security, etc. and I'm currently writing a dissertation on the inappropriate use of the term 'mercenary' to describe private security contractors (PSCs)

    Additionally, I would like to think my fitness is fairly good, I run regularly, circuit train, lift weights, and study both jujutsu and ninjutsu.[/align]
  5. HE'S A NINJA!! :omfg:

    On a serious note; the local AFCO can inform you about the roles, and as you've got a few months left why not look at your university's OTC; not only can they give you some insight into basic infanteering, but will also introduce you to the challenges of leadership; if you find you enjoy leading then perhaps Sandhurst is the place for you.

    Have you used the Pathfinder on the Armyjobs website?
  6. [align=justify]I went to see the Yorkshire Regiment when they were recruiting in Bradford (were I live during University term time) and they said as my home is in Hull, I should wait till I next go home and go to the AFCO in Hull, as that is were I will be living when I finish University. Thus, I am planning to go next week when I go home for Christmas.

    With regard to OTC, I wanted to join, however I was informed that I do not have long enough left in my degree to do so. Also, yes I have used the pathfinder but it wasn't particularly helpful. Although, I am definitely interested in the infantry, intelligence or the royal artillery from watching the Army dvd, and reading the job descriptions on the Army Jobs website.
  7. Have you considered the TA? If the Yorkshires interest you then there's 4 YORKS

    You can always drop into the AFCO for advice and leaflets. I am surprised at the UOTC's attitude, but I suppose that explains why there are so many students in the TA.

    Edited to add: ask the AFCO if they know of any Look At Life courses being run by any of your possible career choices, or look on the internet. Might help you to make your mind up.
  8. With only 5 months left of my degree, would the TA really be that beneficial? Because I would really like to concentrate on writing my dissertation and finishing with a good degree, then join the Army afterward, although I would like to get the ball rolling with regard to my application.
  9. Check your PMs
  10. It's down to you. By your own admission you are unsure about your choice of capbadge; the TA would not only help you decide what is suitable for you, it would make you a stronger candidate at AOSB and introduce you to the organisation you could be working for until you're 55. But if it's at the expense of your degree then it's probably not a good idea; can you keep all the plates spinning?

    Speak to the unit. 5 months is about 20 evenings and 4 weekends; a fair few beer tokens and some valuable experience. Much more fun than sitting around sinking pints in the student union listening to some hippy harp on about climate change...

    Best of luck whatever you choose :)
  11. Thanks very much for all the advice Bravo_Zulu
  12. First of all Infantry...its what real soldiering is all about. Thereafter Int Corps.....for something approaching a career. Rank is immaterial....but it will give you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses the likes of which you are unlikely to experience in civvy street.
  13. And yet you want to be a common grunt? wise up! go Int corps as an officer.
  14. I agree with this comment.

  15. Common grunt? Said by a man who no doubt has never experienced the sheer adrenalin ecstasy rush of fixing his bayonet and crossing the line of departure towards the enemy knowing its you or them.

    Don't be a remf mate, you will always regret it and know deep down that the real soldiers look at you like the war-dodger you are.