The Telegraph today reports that the Inf are 3,000 under manned as at 1 April this year, according to a leaked document from DINF. It also states that the MoD is taking action to tackle the problem. It would be interesting to see how it plans to rectify such an error and fill such a gaping hole in a core elm of the ORBAT.

If the report is true it seems that the govt has mismanaged military manning woefully. It has underestimated manning levels in the Inf before it removed 4 Bns from the ORBAT. It has underestimated the effect of constant deployments. I suspect it has left the Inf in a position where soldiers will have a reduced tour interval again and will be forced to reinforce other, undermanned Bns on ops. It will have increased the pressure on the Reserves. The list could go on.

At what cost I wonder?

Elsewhere, failure on this scale would result in people at the highest level being replaced ........

It makes me furious that this govt is so inept at managing the public sector. There are no successes, just expensive, badly run projects that are poorly planned, badly budgeted and ineffectually led.

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How much longer are the boys going to put up with this ? - my email to Gilligan following the recent dispatches program (which he took the time to reply to personally)


Ive just watched your Dispatches programme and for the first time in my life am compelled to write to a journalist.

I logged onto your chat session on channel 4 .com but unfortunately i was pushed out of the question queue by questions asked by civvys who have a more political agenda than i, whereas I am at the coal face. Whatever, I just wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on a programme that was well balanced, and for once, exibited a pro - army attitude from a journalist. I returned from Iraq in Nov 2005. Like you say, Soldiers just get on with the job they are tasked with, however, we are all questioning this govt. As you have no doubt read on ARRSE this govt is not highly regarded by the Brit military , and this is solely down to the utter fcking disrespect they have shown us during their term in office. Not only have the govt expanded our mil operations, but have consistently cut the defence budget. I myself am now going through a divorce which is solely due to the amount of time i have spent away from home during the past 2 years thanks to this Labour govt's foreign policy. The human cost is brushed under the carpet. .

His reply

Dear Arai

Thank you very much for what you said. It means a lot when serving soldiers write in and say we've got it right. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner - I took a few days off then returned to literally hundreds of emails. A lot of people in the Army feel like you.

Thanks once again for watching.

3,000 Infanry understreangth, wonder how many Co ordinators for Offwhite Lesbian Mothers and like they are now overstreangth for?
The Infantry has fell on Dark Times i think,nobody wants to join anymore and very few blokes want to stay anylonger than what they have to ! This all boil's down to the blokes being run ragged and constantly being on their chin straps due to being over stretched and treated like CR*P.
Another key point to remember on the overstretch is the fact that there are few training centres. As part of the reorganisation when Bns were reformed/disbanded etc, so the number of training establishments was reduced. There are quite a few lads/lasses still joining, but some are waiting up to 9 months from signing on to reporting for training - these are classed as 'being in the ppipeline'. They are part of the figure for replacing wastage yet not usable.

In Corps it is even worse. Guys complete basic then have to hang around doing gate guard or admin whilst waiting for a slot on a trade course - again because the number of courses/places have been reduced.

All down to bean counters and paper shufflers - you can bet MOD is up to or overstrength! :wink:

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