Inert or Training weapons.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by WhiteHorse, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get hold of some training weapons? That is to say drill or inert SA80 for field training? I know I can use live weapons from the armoury, however I need some to be used during CFT excercises and other training without having to get the Armourer or RQ out at a weekend/evening.

    I am aware that there are various dummy rifles made up from resin etc and it is this sort of thing I'm after. I need 6-8 though.
  2. Most ATRs have inert weapons in their armoury. The cocking handle and gas cylinder are welded. Used for pass offs and rifle drill. If you ask before the weekend they might let you keep them out. Perhaps you should ask.

  3. Thanks for the reply, its those sort of things I'm after however as I understand it the ATR weapons need to be kept in an armoury and are treated as live weapons, the ones I need are replicas etc and are used for training involving deep water etc where if lost there is no risk as they are just treated as a burden/simulation for training.
  4. 'Drill Purposes' weapons to give them there correct name are accountable in the Army same as if they were the real thing!
    No RQMS is going to be very happy with a 'Its not real so it doesn't matter if I lose one' attitude!

    I remember back in the 80's some tube metal & resin dummy SLR's made up with real stocks, pistol grips & fore grips that looked the part from a distance. Perhaps you can get a REME Armourer to make up a few for you?
  5. Thats just it, its not the Drill ones I'm after its the dummy ones. I have access to drill weapons but need the dummy ones for training purposes.
  6. I know of a cadet unit who purchased aload of airsoft SA80s. You could probally get them cheap if bought in bulk from a wholesaler. I,ve seen them at bootfairs for £30 a pop.

    Regards LT.
  7. Surley part of the training would be not to get them lost on exercise and cleaning the weapon (deep water).

  8. ASPT have a load, they are welded up and used for CFTs etc.

    Give em a ring, they can only say no.
  9. An associate of mine manufactures inert training weapons for Austarlian Army among others. Currently setting up in UK and working on an SA80. PM me for details and I'll see what he can do. Be aware prices are not cheap, good copies but price to match.
  10. How about blocks of wood? Two nails in it for a sling, paint it black and Bob's your mother's brother.
    Or is that not realistic enough?
  11. DP weapons are still classed as "Section 1 or Section 5 Firearms"

    The reason is - they do not hold a deactivation certificate from the proofing house in Birmingham.

    So as far as the Law, Coppers, QMs and Armoury Controllers are concerned - FTS matey.

    Get fake ones from toy shops or - go through the proper chanels and sign out real ones - they are paid every day so let them work on a weekend - it wont kill them

  12. Thats the sort of thing I'm after.

  13. If you are happy to pay for em, then a company in Kent who makes our .50 cal HMG QCBs also make "dummy" SA80s out of rubber, which are matched with weight and distribution, ideal for assault courses, tabs etc...
  14. Dummy SA80s are definitely about - RMAS and CTC have them for combat drowning; I imagine other training establishments do, too.

    But, unless you're going to be using them regularly in chlorinated water, I wouldn't have thought it was worth the cost.

    If you're worried about losing them on river crossings, then make sure they're attached to the bergan rafts (crab onto sling means they're still usable but won't go anywhere even if they're dropped).

    And if you're worried about calling out the duty storeman to get weapons in/out of the armoury... :roll: