Industrial Inaction at RAF Wattisham

Contractors in Suffolk are taking industrial action over a pay dispute. As it has been widely reported in the media, I see no reason why ARRSE should not field an opinion or two.

RAF Wattisham, once lauded in these columns (should that be threads) as the most boring posting in the UK maintains Apaches. Middle Wallop also maintains Apaches, but the contractors there receive £3000 p/a more for same task. Is this merely factoring in the cost of living index, or is it perhaps the company Morson Wynnwith or the MoD ruthlessly extracting value in contract management?


Apache engineers take industrial action - Defence Management
And I can't be arrsed.
I met an Apache once, a big fat ******, he sold me an ancient Ford LTD in Med Hat. Car looked great, aircon was top, 8 track stereo was good too, big leather bench seats were ideal for shagging. The 5.6 litre engine looked like a bears arse after a fight with a rusty baling machine, but it ran well for two years. Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vegas, Florida keys, I toured them all. I finally sold it for 100 dollars more than I gave him. I don't know if he ever went to Wattisham......

.....but I hope he followed his dream, led by his one eyed weasel spirit guide and drank himself to death with the proceeds........


The strike isn't about the difference in pay. We've been there around 15 years, the difference in pay is closing year on year. The cost of living difference is negligable (goverment stats not my opinion). Last april (2010) the company agreed to raise our wages up to the same as Middle Wallop (finally) over the next three years but as they were new to this milarky, could we pospone it for 12 months. We gladly agreed. Now it comes to april when its supposed to start and the deals off, the deal was in honour only, not legally binding, so tuff.

Its not about getting more money beleive it or not, its about not getting shafted by the greediest most unscupuless employer I have ever had the dipleasure of (oh they're new boys at Wattisham did I mention that?) In the 18 months they've been there, the union minority is now the majority. I think out of 120 members, only 6 aren't ex-service. Mostly crabs.

Sadly the media are making us out to be greedy mutineers. The purpose of the strikes are to cause maximum admin chaos and embarressment for the company. It won't have a tremendous affect on production. Certainly not stop any aircraft for Afgan etc. If Army blokes stopped getting their top cover, I'd be right out of mates overnight. Its not cos I'm a lazy militant greedy ******** holding the country to ransom, its cos I'm being ripped off by some obnoxious fat cat who rather buy another race horse than give me what he'd promised.

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