Indulging Freight

You mean freight forwarding? I think it's called 'reloading' mate - you drop your load (literally) and pick up something else on your way back to blighty. You can make a bit of money doing 'pick and drop' if you're a driver bod. Best website I know to sort this is Freightlink Reload.


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I reckon that sometime in the five years since this was posted he will have got his kit moved.
bollox. sorry I misread the bloody date!! thought it was just posted. my bad. well I am ex infantry. not great at reading between the lines.
ay ay captain. cheers. I'm on the look out for tankies and drivers (including the really large corps types not just the RCT oldies). They all seem to have disappeared or never came back from Gutersloh or Bielefeld.:mrgreen:

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