Indulgence Flights

Does anyone know what the latest terms and conditions are to get one of these?

Also, does the MOD ever require bodies to escort parcels or documents to different parts of the globe? (Iraq especially)

If so, who are the best people to contact?

Regards PTP
My missus used one last year, it was fairly simple - mind you it was only from UK to Germany.
I did it all through the Coy Clerk. I filled in a dark yellow form and that was about it. I was able to ask for a set day, and got it.
Factors to improve your chance of getting the flight:
1. Go for mid week flights - Friday and Monday are busy days!
2. Check exercises dates - no point trying to fly to Canada when Med Man is about to start.
3. Speak to Movers at the airport to find which flights are emptiest.
4. Ensure you have enough money to pay for a civvy flight - you may be asked to prove this!

Hope this has helped.

Don't ask to go to somewhere like Iraq without legitimate reason (in which case you could probably get a duty flight), they don't take kindly to military tourism in what is still an operational theatre.....

As for escorting mil documents etc to Iraq, they have a plethora of people going to and from Iraq and also a diplomatic courier service... why would they want someone to go on a jolly??


Im ex Forces (Infantry) but still in TAVR and a "reserve" - !!! lol, can we indulge for flights............
Maybe I should have explained better

I am not interested in cheap flights, I am interested in arriving straight at the place I need to be, verifying the existence of several rare airframes , (Packard, there's more than the Furies allegedly) and trying to make sure they don't end up in a scrapper, and getting straight out again. I'd try and do the same thing, if we were talking about a Rolls-Royce armoured car, or Crusader tanks

A colleague of mine has been in touch with both DTI and the FCO , and they have given an undertaking to make sure the airframes are not scrapped.However, they can only do this, with aircraft we know about. God alone knows what else is there, there has been a report of 2 Swordfish/audaxes spotted at another airfield in the area. So it is imperative, that historic artifacts such as these are not scrapped.

I posted this question to get some answers, to one avenue of several I am exploring to try and verify this. A "war jolly" it is not.

Once again, if any of the AAC guys or the movers have any photos, I'd really appreciate sight of them

Regards to all


Nige, many thanks for the advice, Packard you're right, so a C-17 perhaps? :D
Truck 'em to Basra then on a grey floaty thing? Have heard of a RR armoured car in military museum @ Muthenna Airfield which is in Baghdad.
Also what is legal posit? Spoils of war or looting?
Not sure they can be removed Packard. My first thought, is just to get them safe.

The Americans, are putting an embargo on anything old and valuable leaving the country . Well,everything except a gazillion barrels of oil that is.

So the legitimate position would be looting, if I attemted to remove the airframes without permission. Mind you, that is only if they had been previously owned by the Iraqi Government. That doesn't cover Beaufighters, Mosquitos or Brigands :D

Do you know what the old plane on Shia Ba airfirld is. Unfortunatley I dont have a photo, but if this is your bag then I am sure you have been shown it. Not the MiG on a plinth out side the old prop plain inside.
The only story I've got confirmation on, is the 2 seat fury at Shaibah, there is the hulk of another one on the dump. A navy? helo pilot reports 2 swordfish at another location, but I think the naval neddy has confused the Swordfish with the Radial engined export Harts, known as Nisrs. That withstanding,if true, it's a bloody important find. There are also rumours of Mossie and Beaufighter bits on the dump at Habbiniyah, and god alone knows what else is out there.

The Sea Fury story is doing the rounds rapid style, and there have been photos published, in Aeroplane I think, possibly Flypast as well. Really, what it needs, is someone who is up on his Air Rec , who has been there, to confirm or deny the existence, before they're inadvertently turned into frying pans

Yeo and Gonville, ta muchly for the info

Some interesting bits there, would be pretty amazing to find a Vincent!

So the IAF did use the Beaufighter too? Well that lends some credence to the rumours, wonder what the RAF left on the dump at Ronnie Reagan AB?
Would have thought that a fishead mate would know what a Swordfish looks like; but they (Crabs) did have Fairey Gordons , which could be mistaken for a Sfish,out at Habbinayah
here tis
Indulgence - you need to be serving with the regular forces (so TA serving with a Regular Unit are eligible). For the things that you are contemplating doing, you may well find that the RAF are very sympathetic to your cause (It's the RAF that control indulgence, be it passengers or freight). I'm an ex Mover, I've worked at some weird and wonderful airports around the world and was always surprised at who would walk out of the jungle clutching an Indulgence Form (and we always put them on if there were seats). Normally, in the absence of any RAF organisation where you wish to fly from, the Air Attache at the relevent embassy would control flights from a foreign theatre to the UK. In the case of Iraq, there is an existing RAF movements organisation in theatre, so my advice would be to start at the top in MOD RAF.
Mover, thanks for that input.

Of course, the next question I'm going to ask you is....

Do you remember anything on dumps that you visited in the past? Photos of same would be really good as well!


Sorry Pongo, the only stuff I can remember is there used to be an old Pembroke parked up at Andover that the RAF left behind when they left. I'm not sure if it's still there. I talk to a guy on another forum who's an ex FAA Firefly pilot - I could ask him if he knows of anything ?
I was at Shaiba in May and there was most of a Chipmunk (i think) at the side of the main runway. It was missing it wings outboard of the undercarriage and most of the canvas covering on the fuslage had gone giving it a very skeletal look.

If you could ask, it would be much appreciated.

Booth ,

Did you get any piccies?

The Chipmunk I think, has been published, but it's the stuff in the background.

To anyone else that reads this currently in the sandpit, any photos of Armour and aircraft , from whatever age, would be much appreciated


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