Indulgence Flights to the Falklands for Falkland Vets

[align=center]Indulgence Passage to the Falkland Islands.
For Holders of the South Atlantic Medal
(Operation Corporate 1982)
Sponsored by SAMA (82).

General Information and Method of Application.

1. On 10 January 2008 The Under Secretary of State agreed to extend the use of Indulgence Passage to the Falkland Islands on Aircraft of the RAF and other MOD Chartered Aircraft to certain categories of Veterans of the 1982 South Atlantic Conflict.

2. This scheme is Restricted “Solely” to Holders of the South Atlantic Medal and does not include Next of Kins,Other Family Members, Partners or Carers.

3. Applicants do not have to be Members of the South Atlantic Medal Association 82.

4. This scheme is to be Sponsored and Administered by SAMA 82.

5. The Indulgence Scheme will commence in September 2008 with the first available southbound flight departing on Thursday 4 September 2008. Applications for Travel in September may be submitted on or after 1 June 2008, but not before.

6. Veterans of the 1982 Conflict who wish to return to the Falkland Islands are hereby encouraged to use the SAMA 82 Sponsored Indulgence Scheme and should apply for an Application Form in writing to the address below.

7. Applicants should be aware that the submission of an Indulgence Request does not in anyway infer that an Indulgence Passage will be granted.

(Application letters should have enclosed 1 x Self Addressed Envelope size C5 (162mmx229mm) with a Postage Stamp fixed to a value of 1.00 pound).

The Sponsor
SAMA 82 Indulgence.
33 Charlton Court.
Brancote Road.
CH43 6XE

Telephone Enquiries: 07730 267307 (Mon-Fri 0900-1400hrs ONLY).
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I enquired for this for a mate of mine who was here in the Falklands war but no one on the Island seemed to know anything about it. Ive pasted your thread to him so hopefully he will be a happy teddy soon. PS its starting to get cold and first snow of the year yesterday :cry:
Sadly you cannot be 'under the influence' of alcohol when you get on the plane at Brize and the flight is dry (except for water and squash :) ). As a SAMA 82 indulgee you will not get to see the outside of the air terminal at Ascension (unless the flight is delayed) and there are no longer any bars within the 'cage'. However, the good news is that a pint (can/bottle) of beer in a pub in Stanley will still set you back less the £1.

I hope some of you 'vets' take up the option to come down and visit. Those of us who work here thoroughly enjoy our time and it is thanks to those that fought in the conflict that we have the opportunity to get out and about to see the wonderful landscape and wildlife that the FI have to offer. It also thanks to you guys that the locals make us feel so welcome.

However, please do remember that the airbridge is our only link with home and that even we cannot get indulgence seats on some flights so be prepared to be flexible with you trips.

Best regards

Can't believe they've got rid of the bar inside 'the cage'. Necking a 4 pack before getting back on was the only thing that made the flight bearable!!!!!

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