Indulgence flight info?

Anyone know of anywhere on DII\intranet where I can get a list of Indulgence flight destinations and costs.

Also any site that shows current \ scheduled flight info.

Where do you want to go?
Ill send you a pm later.

But basically.....

The only sheduled outlets at the minute are:

Cyprus (leave UK on Tue/Sat. To uk Wed/Sun) Costs £40 each way

Falklands/ASI (usualy every 5 days but unsure at minute and too lazy to walk next door and check!!)

Canada is an option but only when the BG's are deploying/recovering.

Germany used to be an option on the full trooper (Fri/Sun) but again unsure and I will need to check.

If you are looking to go to Cyprus, I can point you in the direction of who to speak/apply to.
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