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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Marc063, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. Alright guys
    I've searched the forum and can't find what i'm looking for. I have basic training starting with the Para's on the 4th of Jan. I was just posting this to find out what physical things happen during induction week?
    Is there a 1.5 miler,swimming test and press/sit ups etc. A helpful answer would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Well seeing as your training to be "elite" it would probably be different from the rest of the infantry. But i had CFT (1.5mile, 2mins best effort press-ups and sit ups) and swimming assessment. (you don't need to be able to swim, they pick it up in battalion.)
  3. im in Royal Marines recruit training which is "elite" like the paras lol so mabee mine wont be too different to yours. On our seconed day we did fitness tests (pressups situps in 2 mins , bleep test , pullups, swimming assesment ) and a 3 mile run and all that was to gauge our fitness. but we did phys everyday in the gym just stuff like rope climbing , sprints etc.
    but to be honest i have no idea what ull be doing ull just have to wait and see :D
  4. the 4th of jan, i thought the first intake of the year was the 11th
  5. It is.

    And there is no such thing as an "induction" week any more
  6. Flashgear, you are getting mixed up between CFT and BFT. A CFT is an 8 mile tab carrying your bergan, a BFT is 1.5 mile run, press ups and sit ups.

    Your first week will be pretty busy. The first day is really just sitting around waiting for everybody to turn up then you will be shown how to make your bed etc. Over the rest of the week you will have another medical and a dental inspection. Your kit issue takes up most of a morning and then you are shown how to iron it properly etc. You will then do BFT. When I did my basic training those who failed to get under 10.30 minutes on the run and the required amount of press ups and sit ups were backtrooped until they could pass. We also did a command task. Friday we had our first proper lessons, those who were being backtrooped moved their stuff and that was that. Saturday morning we were issued all our webbing, bergan etc. That's as much as I can remember about my first week.
  7. mean PFT! :wink:

    (dons helmet, body armour and digs shell scrape)
  8. Sorry, it's changed names that many times it's difficult to keep up. Regardless you still run 1.5 miles, you still do 2 minutes of press ups and 2 minutes of sit ups. Swinging the lantern a bit when I was in training the run was the same but you had to do sit ups to a beep on a tape player and pull ups. I loved pull ups becuase being a skinny 8.5 stone wretch I could do 12 or 13 with minimal effort. I think the requirement was to be able to do 2 to start training, 6 by week 5 and 8 to pass out. Can't remember the sit ups requirements though.
  9. Thanks for the help guys.
  10. does all this also have any thing to do with the females as well, i mean, obviously we are all going to be tested and dat, but i mean the other stuff like the sit ups and the push ups, do we also do all of that in the first week as well, or we do that later on in the training, and also, when you talk about the back trooping as well, do we all have to meet the standard of running 10..mins in the first week, or this comes later in the programe...i am begining to get terrified now...
  11. Calm down dear. You will be fine. That was over 11 years ago so things have changed a lot since then.
  12. :p :) right... :lol: i know i will be, but when i start going over the different topics on the forum, i start to doubt my self, you know what i mean...but i know all i just need to get on with it...its the boredom though, i mean the wait, nothing to do, just seating around doing nothing, just training, eating, sleeping, and training again.
  13. someone mention the BPFA??????????
  15. out of interst what is the required sit ups and press ups in 2 minutes??