Indoor skydiving?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That is outstanding - looks to be loads of fun.

    Think I might get some of that if there's one near me!
  2. ah seen this before, looks like it would be worth ago, how much a go is it?
  3. That one near me is 50Euros for instruction of 45Mins, which includes a 5 min flight and then 25 Euros for each extra 5min flights after that.

    Might have to have a day out there soon.
  4. That's alright, I think I'd have to have 10 minutes 8)
  5. I've done it in America, only because I wasn't old enough to do it for real. Since then I've started the actual skydiving course and it seems to me that if you're looking for money against fun the actual course is much more worthwhile.

    However, give it a try, its great fun and something to do on a Sunday afternoon.
  6. There is a similar place at Xscape in Milton Keynes if memory serves me correct.
  7. A wind tunnel is an excellent way of honing an excellent body position in freefall. The restricted space means you've got the perfect tool for telling whether you're 'falling down the tube' or not.

    Your instructors will be able to tweak any faults you may have, so you'll be as stable as a rock when it comes to jumping for real.

    I wish I'd spent a little time in a wind tunnel prior to starting my freefall career - but the UK didn't have one 15 years ago!
  8. Did this at Milton Keynes. Definately worth doing if you are thinking of doing it for real as it gives you a better appreciation of correct body positioning instead of tumbling 10000ft to your death with your arms windmilling and legs kicking like an e fuelled can can dancer. Unsurprisingly there's a big push to get you to buy anything and everything associated with your 2 minutes of hovering and the spotty adolescent on the throttle didn't fill me with confidence. If you're a fat knacker they have to give it a fist full of revs to stop you from hovering 2 inches off the floor. I might add that I am not a fat knacka but i am heavily built in a fit sort of way, so kevin on the controls did have to red line it to make my experience worthwhile!
  10. Indoor Skydiving!! It's Great, But You Cannot Beat The Real Thing!!

    Indoor Skydiving, yes indeed this is a great introduction into the basic's of body flight in Freefall. This is a good option with the UK weather being as it is, however its a freefall simulator you cannot beat the true rush off freefall. A tandem Skydive or an Accelerated Free Fall course is the way ahead.

    Professional teams use this as a training tool, to prepare for competition skydiving as do military jumpers, an awesome bit of kit.

    There are two Wind Tunnels in the UK, with plans for more soon. One in Milton Keynes & one in Bedford.

    You can book tunnel time and Skydiving courses at

    or give the office a call 0800 345 7468

    I had my mates stag at Milton Keynes, it was mental. After the wind tunnel we went into the snowdome, mega.

    That's for the one at Milton Keynes, I don't know if the Xscapes in Leeds and Glasgow have it but here in Gods Own MK we are blessed
  12. That talk of fatties brought back this one. Years ago a good mate in Wales, who whilst not exactly fat was about 6'7" and, well, built. There was someone doing microlight flights, and being a lover of all things aero, like me, my mate decided to have a go. The pilot was a bit anticipant but finally decided to go with it. My mate tells far better than I do of his increasing worry as all the wheeltracks on the ground stopped and the thing was still attached to terra firma and getting increasingly close to the river at the end of the field. Luckily for both it got airborne and he had a fantastic time, lucky bugger.
  13. Went to Milton Keynes with the family and we all went in the tunnel. great fun, but as mentioned, not the rush of a real freefall. I have'nt done a freefall jump in 20 years, so dad did'nt look quite the 'sky-god' he thought he was! :( I know the U.S HALO course students do 45 minutes on their simulator before their first jump.