Indoor rock climbing

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by 76mill, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. Just after some advice here. My son has recently taken up indoor rock climbing and is really getting into it. The indoor centre he uses hires out kit, but he's dropped hints he'd like his own stuff for Chrimbo. Anyone got any suggestions for a basic kit outlay ?
    Certainly doesn't have to be the gucci stuff cos he ain't getting it-times are tight!
    He's also keen into progressing onto the outdoor stuff, so any advice on kit that is compatible with this would be gratefully accepted.
  2. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    For harnesses and shoes, your best bet is to try them out instore and then get them online..

    Make sure the shoes are fairly tight, they'll be useless otherwise.

    For the harness, ask the shop assistant if your son can try it out by sitting in it when its suspended.. This is the position when the most discomfort is caused, so make sure its comfy!

    Any screw gate carabiner will do really, and an ATC type belay device will be fine.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Great advice fellas, many thanks, and the link is well handy.
  4. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Great advice from TRSL - don't forget a chalk bag & helmet too.....
  5. I'm sure my credit card won't!! Great help guys, and after discussions with son, orders placed. Cheers!
  6. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    For what its worth, until he goes outdoors a helmet probably isnt necessary.

    The only time indoors when one could be useful is at somewhere like the wall at Kendal, where there are often people leading (which is starting with the rope from the bottom, not coming from the top) right above you and you may not notice.

    For anywhere that doesn't have overhanging lead routes, a helmet (in my opinion) isn't needed.

    For outdoor climbing though I'd say a helmet is a necessity. You never know when something is going to fall down, be it a dislodged rock or some gear.
  7. Apologies for an old thread resurrection...glad to say son has got so into rock climbing he's now actually getting paid to teach it at an indoor centre! His main passion is the outdoor stuff though and he's off to Fontainebleu for a weeks bouldering.
    Main reason for posting is he's planning a winter trek up into Scotland for some ice n snow stuff, and has dropped hints an ice axe would be a handy Xmas prezzy. My personal views on the uses of such items would give Trotsky the trots so any advice for one that is fit for its intended purpose would be gratefully received...
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  8. Depends what he is planning, I still have a wooden Stubai, I was issued with in 1965, got a macax later but the my old Stubai was all I really ever needed, mind I never climbed above grade 3, so none of that two axe stuff.
    Just make sure he knows how to brake with whatever axe he gets.
  9. Ok Kilo, ta for that.
  10. Walking axe or climbing?
  11. I love it, both indoor and outdoor, I also love mountaineering.

    It beats free falling everyday.

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  12. Indoor rock climbing. A bit like outdoor carpet laying.

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