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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Has anyone actually got a working one, or are they all full of bulky stores now?

    What caused them to fall into disrepair? Did the regulations change?

  2. I only ever used one once with a .22 conversion, was the most boring thing I've ever done. No idea what the point of them was.
  3. I only ever used one as a cadet visiting a local TA center using .22 conversion.

    In 10 years as a regular I've never seen an indoor range except for those that had been converted to SAT ranges.
  4. I thought I was having loads of stoppages but no it was actually working but I didn't feel a thing.
    It was an evening put on for employers and they were let to have a play with them. Only time I recall it being used.
  5. Same here only ever used .22 on indoor range at cadets, never saw another

  6. using an SLR with the H+K conversion to .22 I guess? There was at Browning Barracks and one at Lipstadt.

    The indoor ranges were made moderately more interesting if you were firing at the cinema screen. IIRC once you've fired 5 rounds a light was shone through the hole to mark where your shots had gone. There was one scenario where there are four blokes sitting in a jungle clearing minding their own business. As they are happily chatting and cooking their scoff you have to shoot them all. This always seemed a bit unfair... I think it was important to hit the bloke with the cooking pot first but I can't recall why.
  7. Used to use ours a fair bit in the 80's. Was ok for marksmanship principles and weapon handling drills. Fired the 84mm sub cal on it once.
  8. I've no idea who did the conversion but yes SLR and shite, boring.
  9. When the A2 rolled out the conv kits were withdrawn. If there was a Cadet unit with no8s (.22) then the ranges were probably kept fit. If not, they were probably allwoed to go to ruin.

    The A2 .22 kits have been rolled out for Cadet units, or are being rolled out. Will TA units be recieving them?
  10. Both the indoor ranges I used were at regular army barracks ( but both have since been decommissioned). We had an indoor air rifle range at my cadet detachment - basically a long room with wood over the windows that stank of fear and piss. Now that was shite.
  11. There was one in my last unit but it had been de-commissioned well before I got there. SLR with H&K conversion was what was generally used or the cadet rifle.

    IIRC they were mostly closed down for H&S reasons, lead poisoning being the main culprit, even if the range had improved ventilation.
  12. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Southampton UOTC used to have a nice one...again .22 only...whether it is still running or not no idea.

  13. Many CCFs still use indoor ranges.

    Kineton has an indoor range, don't know if it's still in use. Flying Felix may know.
  14. I joined a gun club with an indoor range and shoot 357 there with the club rifles, mostly. 22l 9mm is permitted but i have never seen a 9mm rifle in my life

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  15. There used to be one on Thiepval Bks which I only ever saw used for pistols. It was still in regular use in 2002, no idea about since.