Indoor/outdoor Security camera system that runs on Mac OS?

I rather like the logitech home security camera systems, but they only run on windows. I have been waiting patiently but no Mac product appears in the pipeline. Is there an alternative that runs on Mac, I need the following features:

Wireless installation, WLAN access and transmission (add them to exsting WLan network)
Needs to be motion activated and store on SD or Server (iMac)
Needs to store it online for remote viewing on a browser, e.g through smartphone & send email with link upon movement

Logitech does all of this and more but i am not going back to ancient technology, any thoughts?

This is for home use, 2 cameras should do i think.


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I don't think bootcamp will work, i need an 'always on' solution and as i understand it with bootcamp it is either XP or OS X, i dont want to run my i mac indefinately on XP. The emulator would be better and it supports some logitech software but not the one needed for the most recent cameras. I suppose i could resurrect an old xp notebook just for running the cameras, but struggle to believe there is no solution for Mac...?
There is software that enables the isight to be used as a security camera and the mac will send pics to an iphone when triggered so I agree that it is strange that nothing external exists.
Buy a cheap secondhand windows lappy? You don't need all the bells and whistles if it's just running a security system.
In case you are interested, i found a good solution: i keep an eye on the place through iMac and iCam, a free app (make sure you use a UNIQUE user/pw or you have pervs like viceroy and brandysoured watching your baby and / or you smoking boxhead pot; it's a long story).

Separately i added two D-Link 5230s, they are not cheap at about 250 EUR /piece but they work with mac (browser operated) and tilt, turn 180 degrees and even have (-limited) nightvision capability and motion activated recording and notification through email. Only caveat here: recording of events is done .avi, which you cannot play on either iphone or iPad. Need a browser or application that plays this, such as VLC. Cam operates wireless (other than power) and logs itself into you wlan. There are a couple of apps (incl. ICam) that let you watch a liveview and tilt the camera etc, really handy.


Just a word on webcams that you want to view over the web. Dont forget to change the default un & pw for remote logon otherwise a quick google hack may throw up your device for anyone to play with.

Check out the list of google hacks in the link below. Just click on the blue i in the right hand box and it will take you into the details page. Then just right click on the google search (in white text) and open the results in a new tab. Most cameras are fully functional i.e. you can control all the pan/tilt/zoom features as you can log in using the default un & pw - that is the idea behind the google query.

Have fun.


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