indoor granade range

my neighbour asked me the other day if i knew anyone with an indoor granade range( knowing full well it does´nt exist) however i did´nt want to shatter is dreams.
he wants one with the following-
1- used
2- one preferable without any unexploded ordanance left on it
3- good condition fig 11s
4- no range warden
5- and a pink ceiling with fluffy dice around the light
and his willing to offers price wise
GOODNIGHT 8) 8) 8) 8)
Any range i've been on is still in pretty good nick just about got it over the wall last time


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Sick though it was, the lecture theatre in the War Studies Dept at Sandbags was nicknamed the Indoor Grenade Range. This was because it was named after the unfortunate Head of the War Studies Department who had recently blown himself up playing with a WW2 grenade at home one evening.  :eek:

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