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Indonesia interest in Rafale

Indonesia doesn't know whether it wants a shite or a haircut with regard to its defence procurement.

The current Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto recently celebrated being quietly removed from the US travel-ban list by going to Washington to discuss a shopping list of purchases, having previously - as you mention - discussed buying the almost obsolete (never a problem when it comes to Indonesia's purchases) Austrian Typhoon fleet, having also discussed buying more Sukhois and I believe chatting with Korea to buy their fighters.

My own feeling is that none of this will be bought, the hammer is dropping on Indonesian defence and other major government purchases for the next few years as the Indonesian economy has fallen off a cliff.
Maybe we could flog them some obsolete aircraft we might still have around the place. Make some cash off the gullible sods.

Have to ask the question really, does Tiffie or Rafale actually meet their realistic defence needs?

Wouldn't some mode used F16s be better? Rather than adding new types that need maintaining and training on them?


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