Individual Resettlement Training Grant

As you'll know, the IRTC dosh is £534.

I used to be a regimental clerk a few years back and I covered the job of resettlement clerk.  As far as I recall, the money was exactly the same (£534) about 10 years ago.  It was certainly the same 6 yrs ago when I signed off (wimped out at last minute and stayed).

I'm no management accountant but even I can see that this has clearly devalued significantly in real terms.

Anyone in a position to research the facts behind this - i.e. how long it's been capped at £534 and therefore how much it has devalued. ???

Since such a large proportion of Britain's homeless people are ex-forces, I wonder if the increasingly devalued resettlement packages have contributed to the situation.

Certainly worth some thought methinks
If you are an OR, who has given 12 years Service, but less than the Immediate Pension Point, you are entitled to a resettlement grant of £7857.

If you are an officer, you must give 9 years, and you are entitled to £11631
True, but I'm not talking about the resettlement grant i.e. lump sum you get on discharge, but the resettlement training grant you get to pay for a course.

Fair enought, this is usually added to NRSA, PIE and EE to give them around 2 grand, which is why most resettlement courses charge around that.

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