Individual Personal Shooting Record Card

There'll be loads in the bottom of the range box, hardly even taken out of the packet :)
Are those the buff coloured strips of card that used to fold up in the little wallet ? Ask your friendly arms cote trustee, if not drop me a pm, I may, may mind you have some.
I take it there not online and come in the old form of HM stationary and have to be ordered.
You would need a Millies account first off and if you can find what you need on that crock of shite website then fill yer boots! I certainly have a cover and at least one unused insert!
And unless they've updated them they no longer match the shoots!
We got a sample set of the book that ATC (P) issue to the recruits, very well thought out follows the shoots, has various hint and tips plus extracts from the Coaching aide memiore, might be worth a try contacting them.
Do you not get given them on range days? I keep on getting them every time I so much as glance at a range. ******* things go back in the box or in the bin.

Practice 1. – Covering fire. 1 2

Distance. 25.
Position. Kneeling & sitting.
Shots. 10.
Target. 2 Fig. 11 (No’s 1 & 2)
Timing. 2 exposures of 15 seconds with a 10 second interval.
HPS. 50.

The firer is to be in the kneeling alert position, pistol ‘ready’ with a magazine of 10 rounds, safety catch applied.
On the appearance of the targets he is to fire 5 rounds at target No. 1, apply his safety catch & adopt the sitting position.
During the 2nd exposure he is to fire 5 rounds sitting at target No. 2.
At the end of the practice pistols will be made safe & placed in the holster.

Practice 2. – Snap. 3

Distance. 25/20.
Position. Standing.
Shots. 10.
Target. 1 Fig. 11 (No. 3)
Timing. 1 exposure of 1 second followed 5 seconds later by 5 exposures of 3 seconds at irregular intervals of 3 – 10 seconds.
HPS. 50.

The firer is to be standing at 25m with the loaded pistol in a fastened holster, arms hanging loosely at his side.
On the appearance of the targets the firer is to advance to 20m, draw pistol, make ready & adopt the standing alert position.
The firer is to fire 2 shots at each exposure, returning to the standing alert position during exposures.
At the end of the practice pistols will be unloaded & placed in the holster.
After practice 2, advance, take scores & patch out.

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