Individual Honours/mass OBEs if England win FIFA World Cup

A few years ago I would never have contemplated this but I find myself driven to ask. I know the ethnic non attending nations will be quick to slag off Englands chances, but to be honest it might be not such a far fetched outcome. What with all the honours that have been dished out to Gold Medal winners, and CBE's/OBE's to Athletes and Cricket stars what would be the accolades for our Football stars.

SIR Wayne Rooney (Fookin ell)

Baron Ashley Cole (as in Baron Greenback Ashley Cashley)

Lord Steven Gerrard

How would we honour Cappello, honoury Knighhood at least? Should he be given more than the players/less than them?After all they are the same sorry bunch that failed in the Euro's not to long ago.

Fat Frank OBE (Obese But English)
Don't worry yourself about it, it won't happen as we will do our usual trick of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory...
We can offer to make them all life President of the World, it's not going to happen.

England are shite and will fall to their customary Quarter Final exit the first time they play someone who is ranked in the top 30 in the world.

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