Individual Gunshot Detectors

In the heat of battle I imagine things can get pretty hectic and pinpointing just where the shooting is coming from, as quickly as possible, could mean the difference between life and death. To give its soldiers an edge in this regard the U.S. Army will begin providing its forces in Afghanistan with the first of 13,000 gunshot detection systems later this month. The Individual Gunshot Detector (IGD) uses the sound waves generated by enemy gunfire to instantaneously determine the location and distance toward the enemy fire.

The IGD, which is made by QinetiQ North America, consists of four small acoustic sensors contained in a box that sits on the soldier's shoulder, which is attached to a small display screen attached to the body armor that displays the distance and direction of incoming fire. The entire system weighs less than two pounds (0.9 kg).

Over the next 12 months, the Army plans to deliver up to 1,500 IGD's to its soldiers per month, with the plan to strategically disperse the systems throughout small, dismounted units to get maximum protective coverage for platoons, squads and other units on the move.

Source. Gizmag

Hmm QinetiQ, why does that name ring a bell...
Before they became QinetiQ whatever they were called were carrying out research into this area so it is probably based on work originally carried out by civil servants, so it may not be all that bad, or there again it might be.
Quite, another master move by the politicians, nicht wahr?
QinetiQ clings to Intellectual Property like shite on a bear's arse.

They like to charge through the hoop for 'proprietry knowledge and know-how' that was all paid for by HMG during the days of DERA and its predecesors. Of course, much of this was forgotten during the break-up of DERA into QinitiQ and Dstl, and to be honest when it comes to Science and Technology, MoD centre often has the corporate knowledge of a goldfish with alzheimer's.

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