Individual First Aid Kits

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Wild_Weasel, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. After all the useful input on the survival tins and rations, I thought it a good idea to start a string on Individual First Aid Kits. While the issue United States Marine Corps Individual First Aid Kit (FAKE) is probably the best mini trauma kit in the field today I’m more interested in discussing treatments for the more common ills that affect us all in the field i.e. blisters, dehydration, sprains, diarrhea, head ache, ticks, etc.
  2. My op tour med kit is usually made up of:

    Lemsip max
    Anti-fungal cream
    Steri-strip sutures
    Antiseptic spray
    Zinc-oxide tape
    Diroralyte powders
    Surgical gloves

    All of this packed into a washbag. I found that I really didn't need much outside of that.

    Edited to add - this obviously does not include FFD's as they are in my webbing, not bergan.
  3. don't know how useful they would be to you, but in the uk you can get "steripods" from pharmacies. They are little squirty tubes of sterile saline for rinsing small cuts or eyes. A very useful addition to the small kit I carry MTB-ing.