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Indispensable hygeine aid from Japan

2000 yen (20 quid?) for an ear vacuum cleaner!

(edited to include picture)


In the ear also being able to hurt, clear without either making the hand become tired the cleanliness!

Commodity number: W113730
Price including tax (the inside tax): \2079

The ear so the じ weak point, with you who are said, love! (?) With " line out pattern " it is story even in you who are said. Totally, it did, this shape which is easy to adapt to the hand. How this, it is the ear private cleaning machine. Furthermore it is small, from the child way, until from year this cleaner which the ear can make the maggot slowly simple and convenience, method of using the nozzle of the substance point (the absorption mouth) just applies to the external auditory meatus. The nozzle of the silicon rubber make, safely, the extent which is surprised sucks the ear アカ without damaging in the ear. The child way ear cleaning which is disliked with this the OK! It is quick, simplicity, safety, the cleanliness and the quadruplex マル! Don't you think? it inhales also the water which enters into the ear after the swimming simply and being to take, it becomes also otitis media prevention! * Size: W 59× D 10× H 13 mm * weight: Approximately 140 g * material: ABS resin (substance) silicon rubber (nozzle) * use electric battery: The single three alkalis 2 (difference it sells) * the cleaning brush 1, the nozzle 2 attachment

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