Indigenous tribal peoples of the world?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by civpop42, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Not so long ago I read about a tribe of people who lived on an island in the south Pacific IIRC. The Media reported a tribe of people untouched by Western / Eastern civilisation. These people were very backward by our standards. They have very different values to our own. A boat crew from a civilised culture had fallen asleep off the coast of this Island and were killed with spears by the natives. The aircraft despatched to investigate the mising crew was attacked trying to take pictures of the dead fisherman.

    I am very interested to know the Liberals would react to what had occured if the fishermen were of British citizenship?
  2. land in force and spread small pox, then kill whats left , island ripe for colonisation
  3. What were they using to attack the aircraft?
  4. :wink:
  5. If it was Brittney that would be cruel...
  6. That'll be them in the javelin for the next Olympics then.
  7. Blowpipes :D
  8. They used farty noises and pulled an ugly face. its working for the tories!
  9. Reminds me of a "peaceful" tribe I was forced to study for about a year. They threw spears at a bushplane that was in a lagoon, regularly killed and looted groups from other tribes, and regarded all those outside of their blood as inferior. They killed one guy (who was trying to negotiate peace with the Ecuadorian military), who was found with 81 spears stuck in him, propped against a clif. I was supposed to study them to learn about how they were innocents who were oppressed by the big bad west.
  10. bad is bad whatever culture you are from as much human phychologist would say the fundamental human behavior is we know right from wrong, even chimps knew what is bad and good they even lie !
  11. The aircraft will be super safe :D
  12. But is there any group in the supposedly "civilised" world that hasn't done the same when their homelands have been threatened by invaders? And by what authority should "foreign" laws be applied to them?

    The trouble with the big bad west is that it can't leave people to get on with their own lives in their own way on their own territory. It has to "improve" their lives, and if it requires subjugation and genocide, then so be it.
  13. I'm cynical of the west as well. I'm just saying that there is blood on hands all over the world, and that being the "little guy" doesn't automatically make you the good guy.

    To answer the question civpop42 posed, they would most likely advocate on the behalf of the tribe. The most extreme of them might even hold the fisherman at fault.

  14. Touche' :D ...or was that touchy...?
  15. Somewhere in the Andamans or Nicobar Islands. Until 1947 they could claim to be British.