Indigenous People "still on the streets"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stripeyretired, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me why, in this day and age, with developers and rigger monkeys making a killing stripping out buildings and sticking up Flats everywhere...I have to walk past people who are homeless? People who have been there for years, and who have no chance of ever getting a home?

    Won't happen to you though......will it?

    In this country, if you lose your home, and you have no family or friends (worth speaking of) you may as well kiss your ass goodbye.

    A homeless man was found dead in Plymouth Sound last week.

    Why, when our wonderful government, its local authorities, its housing agencies and all the charities exist, why are these people still on the streets? Why are some of them still ex-forces?

    Girls and men, young and old, are on our streets now. "SWIMS" single white indigenous males, have become the bane of Britain.

    Of course we hear "it's their own fault and they belong on the streets. They probably take drugs or drink or they can't keep a home. I have no sympathy"

    Well if that sounds like you, wake up. If they can stick migrants (legal or otherwise) into housing inside a week, and so many leftie wet liberals are falling over themselves, then they can do the same for our own people. You know.....the people that pay tax here, have worked, and deserve a home as much as any benefit tourist scrounger.

    Anyone who is homeless, has a dependency, an illness, or chaotic lifestyle, is a victim. Meanwhile, maybe they can cadge a lift or a phone off a migrant, eh?
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    Good lunch was it?
  3. Oh dear...another closet I won't sat it.

    As I understand it, the majority of homeless people suffer from mental illness, and as I am not mentally ill (well, not overtly) I cannot possibly understand why they do not seek help and cannot really answer your question.

    Though, why does the indigenous bit cause such alarm for you?
  4. Don't look now, mate, but it's worse than you think. LINK
  5. Some people on the street don't want to be housed, strange but true. There's a tramp 'lives' opposite the Guildhall in Hull, the council offered him a house to save their embarrassment and he turned them down.

    Stripey, get off the immigrants get freebies cr4p they don't get half of what people think and they aren't even allowed the dignity of being able to work.
  6. Agree with Bigdumps a mate in the met knows a few homeless people on his patch (Richmond) that have wealth or are from wealthy backgrounds. They are usually either nutters or alcoholics, I've spoken with quite a few ex-homeless people on my travels and most of them said they 'had issues' that one day they decided to resolve and got themselves off the streets.

    We can provide all the social safety nets we want, at the en of the day the people have to choose to take it.
  7. I don't know who you are calling indigent but homelessness is a complex problem, one your intellect probably couldn't compute
  8. having worked with the homeless the majority are drunk or drugged up to the eyeballs often with good reason.
    either hiding mental illness or other problems.
    if you'd been used as a rent boy by your stepdad and his mates for a few years its unlikely you'd fancy the world sober :(
    etc etc
  9. We have solved our homeless problems, that's why we have to import big issue sellers now, well at least I think so as I have not seen a big issue seller that can speak English for a long while....
  10. :twisted:

    Joking aside this is becoming quite common. After a shift the other evening a mate commented


    Laughing aside its scary!
  11. Very Scary.
  12. Let's see...I'm a "legal migrant," I pay taxes, pay my rent and work my a$$ off to pay for the fags and lager of all those indigenous folks in my area that won't get off the fcuking dole. And guess what it says in big letters on my passport?


    So since I'm working to pay for the housing of the native workshy and I'm never going to see a goddamn penny of it back, forgive me if I think you're a douchebag.
  13. Ah, let's get the race card out again . LOL. Sorry people, you'll have to do better than that.

    Will I have the dubious "honour" of defending our armed forces, if you lot represent them? But I actually think you're in a minority.

    Can't get away with claiming "racism " for ever you know. And where's the racist bit? Sorry an' all, but I have looked, just don't see it. Am I supposed to call you lot "fascists" then? is that ok?

    However, I did see mindless prejudice in your remarks on the posting, something which I intentionally left out. So: everyone on the street is a smackhead and homeless bum eh? Very typical of sheltered lives I'd say. ie: You And you are oh so perfect aren't you. My contempt and sap is rising

    Bit of fascism in your tabloid and rather "pat" remarks. I suppose none of you lot have ever been homeless, or you're too comfy and detached fronm the world to understand. There but for the grace of God, goes you, if you didn't know already.

    So you're not aware of the percentage of ex HMF who are homeless then? I'd almost be surprised if half of you lot have never seen a military uniform, or if you have, you've been inside and at home, eh?...

    And do us a favour eh? try and present a more intelligent argument and do a bit of research before your knee jerk clichees. Thanks. Ta ta.
  14. you're very boring.

    Edited to add: Why don't you invite them round to your place?
  15. Come on lads, let's be 'aving you. Haven't you all got 'omes to go to?