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Being plotting this one for a little while, and thought I'd post it on here. Only downside? Several of those involved are septics, so you'd have to put up with their godawful accents. 8O

To give the community an insight into the work that goes into development of Indie projects, I (Squiggers) decided to contact several indie developers for a series of podcasts covering several aspects of Indie Development.

At present, the current plan is to do podcasts covering the following subjects (But not necessarily in this order) :

* Team Organisation & Recruitment
* Finance, Loans, Grants, and setting up as a business.
* Interaction with the community and PR.

If the community has any suggestions of areas they'd like us to cover, then please say so.

I'd like to look at doing podcasts after the initial series, that would focus on individual projects in much the same way that the Dev Banter podcast does (Not meaning to intrude on the great work that you do there guys, its a good laugh to listen to.), but that depends on what other guys in the line up so far, and those who join want to do really.

At present, the following people have agreed to be part of the podcast, provided there are no complications at their end:

* (Me) J Quigley (Iron Wolf Studios - )
* Ashton Anderson (Lukewarm Media - )
* Mike Turner (Bitfold - )
* David Pressel (Orion - )

I'm also attempting to contact other indie developers for the podcast series so if you have any suggestions of groups that you'd like to see as a guest, or stuff you'd like us to cover, please state so!

Ideally, we'd be looking at getting the first podcast recorded towards the end of June/early July.
Also, bit of a side note - hoping to get these two groups onboard:

For those of you that aren't aware, Indie refers to an independent team developing something, minus major financing from a publisher, such as Activision or EA - and as such, its a lot more hardwork!

Any thoughts, suggestions that anyone has on this? Thought that some might find it interesting, but I suspect i'll have to go and hide behind the sandbags. :p

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