India's Shit and Indias' Shit Thread.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mattb, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Carry on...

    {damn, put the second apostrophe in the wrong place!}
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  2. From our new friend "Earth"

    "Whatever India is today is not because of UK.The empire left India in complete ruins and India had to rebuild everything from scratch.

    And don't start with railways,telegram and rule of law jibe..All the investments done by the British empire during the colonial times were for plundering and not helping the locals.

    The railways were for quick transportation of indian raw materials to the nearest seaport.The Police was for oppressing the people.The english language was for training Indians who would replace British at clerical level which helped in reducing cost of operation.

    The bottomline is that India never asked for the aid.We were being forced to take it against our wishes.

    We don't want that aid from UK.UK is not important for india".

    The British! what did they do for us ?

  3. Gave them the SLR - jolly fine manly rifle of British soldier Sahibs!

    Although their Army Air Corp still hasn't quite got the hang of things…

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  4. Blimey, I simply love posts that reinforce my existing prejudices, like napalm in the morning & all that.
  5. Way more interesting than the shite way this thread started. India's Yellow Helmets vs R Signals White Helmets: discuss.

    Any way, it was the cowboys and the US Cavalry what done for the Injuns. Every one knows that.
  6. Couldn't resist putting these photos up

    [​IMG]India is a shithole. Literally. India, up and coming world power, literally drowning in 150 million pounds of shit every day.
    and this
    Shit and pee in India and Nepal. - YouTube
  7. Someone on this site - apologies for not remembering who - has the following words of wisdom at the end of each post.
    You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter.
    That's India today.
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  8. Fucking Hell the new Desert Hawk looks shit.
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  9. India isn't completely up shit creek ...

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  10. If you take her for a curry, then bang her back doors in...... do you get burned twice?
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  11. Now she would be worth discussing. Oh and vinnie, yes.
  12. This was why young bloods joined the East India Company two hundred years ago. Go to India, do some business, sample the good life, and you could have a Freida Pinto-lookalike as your bibi.

    Just before the missionaries and the memsahibs turned up in the Victorian era, and life became all work and no play.
  13. I'd do her up her shit creek
  14. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

  15. The Indian sub continent was always going to be colonised by one major foriegn power or another and for all the moaning they can count themselves fucking luky it was us instead of the Russians or the French.

    Ask the Chechens or the Algerians how it went for them.
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