What the difference between John Wayne and Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's is still killing Indian's XD
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are out on the range one day when all of a sudden they are surrounded by 200 angry Apache.

"Looks like we're goners this time my faithful and trustworthy sidekick." Laments The masked man.

Tonto looks at him with surprise and says, "What do you mean 'WE' paleface!"


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The lone ranger and Tonto are riding through the desert, They stop, Tonto climbs down and puts his ear to the ground. After a minute, he says " Buffalo come". The Lone ranger says " How do you know?" Tonto says " Face sticky "


The Lone Ranger is riding along a track when he comes across his faithful companion on the ground with his ear pressed to the dirt.
"WTF" utters our hero.
Tonto replies "Stagecoach come, very heavy, pulled by four horses."
"You can work that out by putting your ear to the ground?" says the Lone Ranger, clearly impressed by Tonto's tracking skills.
"No, fuckwit! Stagecoach run Tonto over."
And will the real John Wayne please stand up.....


Manbag, skimpys and espadrilles?

Ride 'em cowboy takes on a whole new meaning...that fag wasn't the only fag he was smoking.
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