Indians plough cash into hopes of new homes on UK Greenbelt

Plots of green belt land in England are being sold to Indians for thousands of pounds as one of the best ways to make money. They are being marketed on the basis that vast tracts of the English countryside would soon be covered in homes - and potentially make big profits for foreign investors.

Companies have taken out full-page advertisements in Indian newspapers and also blitzed prospective customers with text messages saying: "Plot available in UK London (sic)". Investing in England's green belt, according to marketing material seen by the Guardian, is "one of the best ways to create real personal wealth".

Landbanking firms typically buy fields for a few thousand pounds, divide them up, and then sell plots for £10,000 each on the basis that, with planning permission, they stand to reap substantial profits. However, local councils told the Guardian that "allowing homes to be built on the land would be contrary to all current, emerging and foreseeable planning policies".

One company, UK Land Investments Group, fills its sales material with quotes from John Prescott and photocopies of newspaper articles about why "the green belt has to go". It has offices in London, Dubai and Delhi, and is selling 5,000 acres (2,024 hectares) of green belt to Indians for $25,000 (£13,000) a plot, regardless of size, which is the maximum amount an Indian can send abroad without questions being asked.

One customer is Indian yarn trader Jinendra Jain, 65, who last visited Britain in 1979. He spent £24,000 this year on two small plots around Tunbridge Wells and Bromley, Kent. He reckons that his 600 square metres of England, once granted planning permission, could be worth £200,000

"I already have eight properties here," he said from his office in Delhi. "In England, I am buying to build. I want a bungalow for my grandson."

However, Maidstone district council said his 350 square metres in Tunbridge Wells is in green belt land which is "an area liable to flood, it was highly unlikely any residential development could take place". His Bromley plot is also in the green belt. The council told the Guardian that "permission will not be given for inappropriate development. The construction of new buildings or extensions would be inappropriate".

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Prehaps the MOD could do something similar based on the well known fact that the British Army is to be disbanded and will have lots of spare bases.....
I knew this bunch of charlatans in power were selling England down the river, I just didn't realise it would be the River Ghangi.

Tolkien knew what he was doing when he wrote of "The Scourging of The Shire".
This is the most common land scam.
The plots are advertised as "building plots" knowing fine well planning permission will never be given for it.
Land bought of £1-2000.00 per acre divided up and sold or about £6,000.00 per 1/10 acre on the pretext that it may one day eventually be granted planning permission.
Never works unless you have a brother in the planning office.
Scam scam scam scam.

Leasehold or freehold????

And whilst the land is not being built on, will it be reverting to scrubland????
armchair_jihad said:
"I already have eight properties here," he said from his office in Delhi. "In England, I am buying to build. I want a bungalow for my grandson."
Bungalow... good Indian word!

...why is it called a bungalow... coz they run out of bricks and had to bung a low roof on...

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The Shah of Irann

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