Indians find treasure worth $500m

They reportedly hid this treasure from the British. Personally I am appalled at their lack of trust in us, these things would have been perfectly safe in the British Museum.
He's away playing with his marbles.
He wanted £60,000 for them and the government bought them for £30,000. Bargain! We could flog them back to the Bubbles for, say, £500m (they are beyond price) and, hey presto, the Greeks could pay off at least the interest on their debt. The Greeks could borrow the money for the purchase off our friends at RBS. Er. Hang on.....

As for the Indians, the loots will be spent on back handers, defence procurement and some dosh towards the Luitjens buildings that we provided for them.
"It also ordered the trust to hand over responsibility for the temple's security to the police."

Treasure? What treasure? We found only empty vaults such as Al Capone's sealed vault in Chicago.
Yeah, that'd be right. I wonder how we'd fare against their 41 battalions of Gurkhas, let alone the rest of their forces.
propaganda , have we not just booted 20,000 scrotes out of Islington? offer each Gurkha who converts to the right side a nice pad in London.

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