Indian Walt of Olympic Proportions! Read all about it!

Ah, that'll be Naan, one of the attention seeking chap(ati)s who gets her picture in the papers by fair means or Phal.
I expect she'll get a good tikka ing off, when she really needs to be kept in the cellar and ultimately buried under your Patia.
Perhaps she was meant to be with them lentil they went into the stadium.
They'd be dopi (aza) to allow that. I hope you were only (rogan) josh ing.
Is this a case of Dahl W for Walt?


Anyone got a better pic of old lovey in red? Looks like she might be tasty. Like a lamb kashmiri..
Did she wave and shout "Aloo, eveybody"?

Walts - they'll Bahji in anywhere, but I bet when she was sussed she was out of there like a Dossa salts.
Korma off it, she was probably really there to dhansack the changing rooms whilst the athletes were out performing. She'd be mad rass to pass anda up an opportunity like that.


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we now need another 10,000 squaddies at the event to stops waifs an stays getting in .
...and if she'd been of, say, Pakistani origin with a grudge against Injun's and something explosive in her bra, how would Sebastardian talk that down to "a minor incident of no significance" then?

On de udder 'and, methinks the squaddies sub-contracted to Guffaws need to be doing some serious patting down of large breasted sub-continental women just to be on the safe side?
I think it's bloody great, apparently she was one of the participants in the opening ceremony who chanced her arm and blagged her way into the central area. She got to see it all, especially the cauldron lighting ceremony, even closer up than she was supposed to. Brilliant. And embarrassed Sebastian Coe in the process. ;-)
The Olympics Committee aren't half as embarrassed as Big Brother's Security Team. How did Deana manage to escape (and return) without anybody noticing?

Rumour has it that Chanel No. 5 are proposing to contact the Borehamwood detachment of the ACF with a view to hiring more professional security staff. Evidently they're the only unit who attach cadets to BAOR.

Yes, we know that BAOR finished 18 years ago, but apparently Herts County Council or their informant doesn't: Army Cadet Force (Borehamwood)
She's a total Madr-ass for doing that!! Hindilarious!

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