Indian Spy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stabradop, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. From Teletext news.....

    "An Indian man freed earlier this week after spending 35 years in Pakistani prisons for espionage has admitted being a spy after all.

    During his trial in the 1970s Kashmir Singh had denied he was an agent for Indian Military Intelligence.

    Btafter his admission, Minister for Human Rights, Ansar Burney, who secured his release, said it would now be difficult to free other prisoners"

    Bloody charming,

  2. Well at least he wasnt innocent and spent 35 years in prison. That would be a shame.
  3. Jails are full of people who maintain they are innocent... yeh right!
  4. Who was he working for. The Apaches or Mohicans?
  5. Apparently he was a double agent for the Black Feet but that's nothing to Crow about!
  6. will he Sioux for wrongful imprisonment or is he Cheyenne away from that?
  7. Mods please lock the thread, my eyes are bleeding.
  8. So thats how they managed to get Custer :D