Indian Officers - 68% of military equipment is 'vintage'

Did we sell it to them ??
That depends on how picky you want to be.
Some of their brand new kit is just recycled old kit in some ways.

Look at their Leyland Ashok trucks.
They have the old British leyland badge on but they use the Ford (Europe) Cargo cabs used for British sold trucks dating back to the '80s.


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Don't some units (or is it the police?) still deploy SMLEs...?
In their defence when I flew into India last year they had more C-17s on the tarmac than we do
All very interesting but the critical factor is whether they have more in the air than we do.
Don't some units (or is it the police?) still deploy SMLEs...?

The Indians are thought to still have 2 million Lee Enfields in service or in store.

Not surprising, really. The rifles are an ideal badge of authority for the zillions of low-level police, guards and rangers that they have all over the country.


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Don't some units (or is it the police?) still deploy SMLEs...?
Airport security certainly did last time I was there
Borrowed from Wiki: LDV Group Limited, formerly Leyland DAF Vans, was a British van manufacturer, based in the Ward End area of Birmingham. Historically part of Rover Group and Leyland DAF, it was latterly a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian GAZ group.

Owing to the worldwide recession and a lack of long term investment, production was suspended at the LDV factory in Birmingham in December 2008. After a series of failed rescue attempts in 2009, the assets of the company were sold by administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers to China Venture's firm Eco Concept, on 15 October 2009.[1]

GAZ ffs....
There’s no direct connection between Ashok Leyland and LDV; they came out of different parts of BL. Ashok was formed in the 40s to build Austin cars under licence. They then entered into a joint venture with Leyland to build trucks. The Leyland shares were sold to Iveco in the 80s hence the old Ford / Iveco cabs. The Hindujas own the whole thing now. The British end of Leyland Ashok is still very much alive and thriving as part of the PACCAR group.

LDV was the old BL van operation sold on through Gaz and now owned by SAIC. It was only briefly connected with Leyland. They recently launched here in Aus; the big van is a noticeably old LDV product.

I reckon that Ashok Leyland truck is probably pretty good. Nothing complex; a latter day Bedford MK. Squaddy proof, simple to maintain, cheap to own and operate. Wouldn’t pass any emissions tests, but it is India.....

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