Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baron_de_Berenger, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Read this in the mail yesterday - tourists visiting india to looking at the sights of the Indian mutanymassacres by the Indians were bricked by the local's and besieged in their hotels - no hard feelings then! - Maybe we should reciprocate and have a Havelock, Campbell and Outram remeberence parade to celebrate our pst victories- lots of streets called Havelock. :D
  2. Yeah made me angry when I read this too :x

    It seems that any other country can demand that unwanted foreigners leave their land, usually by aggressive, inhumane means but Britain will give them benefits and more rights than its own people :roll:

    I can, however, understand the Indians being upset about how many of their own were hanged after our own were killed but both sides should be allowed to remember their own in harmony, not having to tolerate primitive stone-throwing morons who want to terrorise innocent British pensioners :x :roll:
  3. Were these the ex-riflemen who wanted to put up a memorial plaque to the Riflemen who died in the mutiny?

    Apparently the plaque was considered provocative by the local government, and, as it was due to be put up in a church, the vicar was pressurised into refusing permission (I doubt it would have been seen by too many Indian nationalists). :?

    Then again, it could have been predicted that there may have been a little reaction against a 'pro British/Loyal Indian' monument . In what was Cawnpore (site of an infamous massacre of a surrendered garrison and a few days later the murder of the surviving European women and children), soon after independence, the memorial to the victims was removed to a church, the area around the site of the massacre was turned into a park named after one of the murdering ba*ds in command of killers (Nana Rao) and the bust of another (Tantya Tope) was erected over the site of the well used as a body dump. :x
    Indian War of Liberation my arse! :evil:

    Let's make General Neill's Birthday a National Holiday :D
  4. That'll be the BJP at its old tricks again. Anyone or anything that doesn't conform to their 'Hindus are the victims despite outnumbering the rest by oodles to one' agenda gets burned, trashed or murdered.
  5. Not sure about a memorial being put up ,just remember the pensioners getting a bricking, I agree we hung a few after the mutiny or blew them to bits - all sort of quick deaths ,( but then I'd say they had it comming.) but dont recall any recorded event of us chopping up women and children. Or tricking men to surrender / march out then chopping everyone up. The accounts from cawnpore and Lucknow make interesting reading..
    on a slighly different tact..
    ( I Remember a few years back the Rifles marched round spain and the peninsular tried to erect a memorial at Badajoz - which seemed somewhat dumb to me at the time, as we did go wild after getting in. To which we were politely told to F@ck off .)
  6. Maybe you ought to read up about how in the aftermath of the event every surviving male son of Bahadur Shah, the last Moghul emperor, was tracked down and killed by British troops and their severed heads were handed over on a platter to their father.

    NB My dad is Indian and one of my ancestors was one of those actually blown from cannon but I dont hold any grudges. :D
  7. Did anyone really like the Mughals? No really, did anyone like them? I don't recall many people speaking good of them, Bunch of Turkic Islamo Fanatic bastards in my opinion. No offence. They were just as foreign as the British, but they didn't bother with anything modern. Clearly against their religion as we all know!

    The Mughal period in India is something they people, especially Indians, would rather forget about. Now the Maratha empire, there's something to talk about.
  8. And so you shouldn't. Grudges are for loosers, or, at best, silly people.

    My Dad isn't an Indian, and there's nothing wrong with being one, but my Great Great Grandfather is THE Scully who set the train

    "Delhi - 11th May 1857

    Conductor John Scully - murdered by mutineers at Delhi - 11th May 1857"

    John Scully was the man who lit the fuse, on a signal, which in itself was a tip of a hat.

    They knew they were going to die.

    Brave enough for you?

    There is no grave, as such, but his name is engraved under the cannon in Tralee.
  9. I have a simple rule of the thumb when it comes to the war of 1857. Anyone who remembers the barbarity of one side without remembering the barbarity of the other is talking shite. Works every time.
  10. :lol: My Grandfather served in India,and I eat curry,he got cholera but did not hold a grudge, :lol: Aint arf hot mum,vinderloooooooooooo aarh :lol: :lol:
  11. Well im pretty sure if i wanted to visit Belfast and lay a wreath where my mates were killed, id get bricked and spat on, so why the suprises that the Indians did it in India.

    Okay so its ancient history, but seems that Northern Irelands treated pretty much the same now.
  12. the engleesh are so ''thick'' they cannot understand why no fooka from their old empire likes them :D

    wipe your eye's FFS and go have a wee curry chip :p
  13. I have a simple rule of the thumb when it comes to the war of 1857. Anyone who remembers the barbarity of one side without remembering the barbarity of the other is talking shite. Works every time.[/quote]

    Agreed , I stand corrected or what we did in the aftermath , however, I dont think I am wrong in saying that we did not start the wholesale massecre, but retailated in kind-though I do not condone what Taz's quote shows we did in Dheli.

    I am well used to the fact that a lot of people dont like us (the English) , but I dont see after 150 years that you brick tourists.

    I haven't heard of the Germans getting a kicking in Holland or France when visiting old Battlefields.( But then again I may be wrong.)
    John Scully what a man!