Indian IPL !

Indian Individual Potnoodle Lacrosse?
Incendiary Plimsole Lobbing?
Indoor Punk Loofah'ing?

Worth watching then?
Actually, it is quite well worth watching. First match this morning got really exciting with one team walking it until one of the opposition hammered out almost 50 in 3 overs. Right down to the wire.
(Who gives a toss who the teams are, it is quite good spectator sport).
Have to say I'm quite gripped by this so far - most games have been pretty close with something outstanding going on all the time - whether it was Pathan's 100 in37 balls, or a bloke walking round the outside getting hit in the chops by a 6 and dropping his popcorn. Plus the rather attractive young lady in the studio. The 3 fat old blokes with her can barely stop drooling.

Manufactured, product placement sport for people who don't care who's playing - but hey, that's the majority of the global audience for the English Premier League football these days, and this seems to be far more entertaining, with games twisting within the space of a couple of overs.

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