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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StumpyHussar, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Why are they such a pain in the arrse?

    Sat today talking to one (BT helpline) for 20 mins, the bloke could barely speak English and I had to repeat myself so many times I lost the thrust of what I was going for. It's not a racist thig (I think anyhoo) but tey p1ss me off.

    I work in IT and watched a helpdesk I was working closely with train their Indian replacements. These people had to change their names to Steve, Simon and Gerry (FFS) and learn about East fcuking enders and corrie. They were also told to look at the BBC website for the callers weather so they could 'relate' to them.

    Uber, uber cnuts :x
  2. know the feeling mate, was harrassed by one last year, was the first time that i lost my temper - on the phone at least - trying to offer me a new phone with, get this - with a higher charge rate and less mins!!!!!
    firstly politly said thanks, but no thanks. then it started ' please sir, you do not understand, you can get a blah blah blah and a phone for your partner for blah blah....
    this carried on for about an hour on and off - not constantly, until i asked to speak to their supervisor, they to started the same bloody drivel that had been spouted no more than 5 seconds before hand, I flew at the little pr1cks without giving too much away I told them where to shove their new sh1temobile and what they could do with the spare one involved their mother...
    was annoying - phew ... glad to of got that off my chest . :)
  3. I had the same thing, a few days ago. Now changing my credit card and bank account to Nat West, who assure me ALL their call centres are based in the UK.
    As above, it's not a racist thing, but costs a fortune when calling via a mobile from overseas. The guy I spoke to was very reluctant to tell me what country he was in!!!
  4. Try spending 4 hours trying to close a TalkTalk account after being passed to 9 different departments, speaking to every nationality under the sun, and then being asked by a turban headed gentleman what it was about their service you were unhappy with.....boiling point aaaahhhhh....

    does anyone actually just pick up a phone these days without having to press 1-6 for an option anymore...
  5. I used to have all of my utility accounts with Powergen, sure they were cheaper when nothing was wrong - changed house and within 2 phone calls had contacted other suppliers in the UK.

    I don't mind speaking to someone in India as long as they can help me and not just use scripted answers.
  6. 3 (mobile people) Have foriegn based call centers, but in my experiance all the helpdesk people are very well trained and all speak a decent degree of English.

    It's the Scottish call centers that are the worst......
  7. Had a call last week by a foriegn dude wanting to sell me a new phone said i wasnt interestd and he started busting my b*lls so i hung up the fcuker rang back and had a go for being rude and hanging up!! Bring back uk call centres not being racist but they are a pain in the ass.
  8. When they tell your that their name is David, Ralph or whatever just tell them in your best Oxbridge accent that your name is Haroon, Krishen or something - does their heads in.
  9. F off Sparky ... we're pure dead brilliant up here.

    I used to work for a bank (rhymes with shabbey) who have 2 indian call centres. Got to see confidential docs reporting peoples responses to having to deal with India. Problems fell into several categories.

    1) They cant understand us as we use too many contractions & slang terms and we have about 50 regional accents.
    2) We cant understand them even though their english is good cause their accents as hard on our ears unless you've had practice
    3) They could only work to set scripts. They couldn't (as the Glasgow call centre staff did) be flexible for what the customer really wanted.
    4) Workers in India could be bribed to hand over credit card numbers with the equivalent of as little as a few hundred pounds. Brits tend to hold out for thousands! Most of the corruption centred in Bangalore where organized gangs were infiltrating the site due to the huge turnover of staff (up to 30% per month).

    reasons the above poor service/security was put up with was the call centres in India cost 1/10 what a brit call centre costs.
  10. Yes, I had a call a few weeks back from don't say. I think I will tell them on the next call that I've changed my name by deed poll to Sanjaya Rashid Gupta III and ask for the name on the account to be changed - we should all use the same name, that should fcuk their computers up.

    I always tell them that Mr Toad isn't at home. If he asks who I am I tell them I'm the burglar; that usually gets a response! But I did tell one that I was a kitchen fitter putting a new kitchen in for the account holder - top marks, he asked me if I was sell employed then tried to sell me one for my business.

    Or I try to sell them something back..............ask them if they use a gym then try to sell them a running machine.
  11. Glad I'm not the only one the chap at the end spent ages trying to tell me how important my call was, it sucks. :x
  12. My Indian Engineers are as trust worthy as Gary Glitters is with little girls, a good bollocking regimental style, sorts them out, keeps them in their place and focuses the mind.
  13. Fella's

    If you didn't know you can get rid of most cold calls by registering with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

    Its free and really works. However some of the foreign call centre's still get through.

    It you follow there links to the MPS Mailing Preference Service it il do the same for junk mail. Takes about three weeks to work.

  14. If someone calls me and says "hello could I have a minute of your time" standard response is blackadder style in the fourth series where he pretends he has a crossed line........
  15. Hate all the cold calling trying to flog me new phones! I just put the phone down, but don't hang up, one guy was still on the other end when I went back 10 mins later!! what a big yeast infected bush he must be!! :bom: