Indian Army Backed out of Pakistan Attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pork_Pie, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Asia Times

    Article states that Indian Air Force & Navy were ready to attack Pakistan, but the Army told the politicians that they weren't ready.

    Instead, the Indians will respond to the Mumbai attacks via covert action.

    If the article is correct, we've had a let off.

    Wonder what - if any - changes this will lead to in the Indian forces?
  2. I fear that's just postponed the reckoning. As it says in the article:
    The Pakistani military is not at all keen on doing our dirty work up against its assets in Waristan. The distraction of a war with the idolaters down South will have many attractions for some. There was even talk that it would leave Pakistan's nuclear arsenal conveniently exposed to theft though an opportunistic coup by the lunatic hard right in the Pak military would be a more likely goal and that is probably more frightening especially when you consider how they behaved in Bangladesh.

    There's a disturbing level of nonchalance about this situation in stark contrast to the near hysteria over Qom's infant nuke program. This points out the worldwide consequences of a major nuclear exchange between these two actors:
    That might take global warming off the agenda as well.

    Bruce Riedel had this to say recently:
  3. If anything does kick off then the supply lines to NATO forces in AFG will be cut on day 1. I reckon that the US have been leaning on and/or bribing India behind closed doors to keep things quiet. It's also why the US has been courting Moscow like there's no tomorrow to get an alternative supply line set up through the rest of the 'stans.

    It's also why the US is going to have to keep Moscow sweet while troops remain in AFG, the supplies might not go through Russia proper but Moscow will be able to disrupt or stop the flow.

    Oh, and not forgetting the little problem that the ethnic, religious etc situation on the ground means that neither AFG or Pakistan are viable nation states with their current borders; so the biggest external destabilising force on Pakistan is our work in AFG.