India v England Test Series

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by slipperman, Nov 15, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else watching the first test? England go into the Test match in India with only one front line spinner, Graham Swann and play 3 seamers and a part-time spinner/batsman in Samit Patel. Monty Panesar is left on the sidelines warming the bench. So far, Swann has all 4 wickets to fall and it is looking ominous already! I dread to think what the Indian spinners will do to the England batsmen, but I live in hope. Why don't England play a second spinner in India? Seems a pretty obvious move to me. As for India, excellent batting from Sehwag and the debutant Pujara. This could be a fascinating series.
  2. If the wicket is turning, it'll also move off the seem, so it's ideal for the likes of Anderson.

    It's a bold choice to only play 1 spinner in India who prefer and prepare their wickets for spin. I suspect the reason is that Swann's can bowl pretty much throughout the day, when the wicket is turning the attack can be adjusted by using Patel.

    A seam/fast attack can collect wickets on a turning wicket, but if the wicket changes and flattens out over the 5 days pace comes into it as spin is unlikely to pik up wickets.

    I've really admired the way England have played their cricket over the last few years, they go out with the team and attitude to win, even if that means there's a greater chance of losing. I hope the Boycott days of staying at the crease forever never return.
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  3. I'm with Slipperman on this. Panesar also has something that our seamers have collectively failed at today - control. The seamers were going at 4 and a half per over, but took no wickets. Swann much more economical and took 4 wickets. Panesar, like Swann, could have been expected to keep the runs down while also taking wickets. The seamers are up there with the best in the world, but these are not the conditions to play a seam heavy attack. Just look at what the home side is doing FFS.

    I hope that for the next test (after we've been annihilated in this one) the selectors apply a bit of common sense/tactical nous.

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  4. This is usually the best combat indicator. If the pitches are similar for the rest of the series, Panesar must come into the picture, replacing Bresnan, who looked very ineffective today. I expect when it is our turn to bat, the Indian seamers main function will be to rough up the ball a bit, so that their spinners can get some decent grip! I just hope our batsman can show some decent application and at least draw level with the Indian 1st innings score (whatever that may be). If we fall short on 1st innings, we will find it extremely difficult batting fourth on a turning wicket.
    Dingerr, I agree with your point about how well England have played over the last few seasons, although we have slid backwards somewhat in the last 12 months. There is no way our batsmen should be adopting a "Boycott" mentality of occupying the crease - they will be surrounded by fielders and wickets will tumble. They have to be sensible, but keep the scoreboard ticking over. Schweik, a bit early to be writing us off, though! :)
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  5. The England selector's determination to play all rounders or bowler who can bat a little often clouds their judgement when selecting the starting 11.

    It wouldn't be so bad were it not for the fact that Swann and Broad can both bat a bit.
  6. So for the second day running, India bat through the morning session without losing a wicket. First wicket today has fallen just after lunch. Its now 414 for 5. Goodness knows what the situation will be at close of play, but Samit Patel is going to have to go some as a batsman who can bowl a bit to make up for the deficit created by the selectors failure to pick a second front line spinner.

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  7. Agree you need Panesar in the team, just for the novelty juggling act though the afternoon overs. Predicting they will get 580 bowl us out for 350 follow on with 400 and bowl India out for under a have to dream
  8. Sorry to say it, but England were looking clueless in the last hour before tea. I got so depressed with it all, I even changed channels to catch the news. On the positive side, the pitch looks pretty docile and we are capable of batting long. It depends how we cope with their spinners when the time comes. I reckon India will try and kick on to around 600, but they are under no pressure to achieve it by close of play.
  9. We may be capable of batting long against a conventional attack, but this being India with its spin attack and England being woeful against spin, this is going to be a heavy defeat.

    I'd like to see England attack the Indian spinners, but they won't, they'll pad it around for a few hours and eventually be out for 12.

    Then the commentators will get all excited because there will be an England batsmen who can play spin!
  10. Can't really argue with your assessment, but I was trying to retain a grain of optimism!
  11. So, 41-3 at close of play, even if one of those three is Anderson. 41-2 would still have been a disastrous score. Cook can bat well and will have to play a very long innings. Then we need a Pieterson miracle century, and contributions from Bell and the lower order.

    I shall be taking my life savings to the bookies this afternoon to bung the lot on an England win.

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  12. Its part of the master plan...were in a better position than I predicted as i said they would get 580...wheres the unbelievers now????we just need to ensure we follow on and give them more than a 100 to get on the fifth day.......i'm going to put my life savings on it as we speak.....wonder what ill get back with £12.45 and a half pack of polo mints.
  13. I trust you have been working hard this morning securing the Army's future and not skiving off to watch the cricket? Or were you "multi-tasking"?

    As for the declaration, must admit I didn't see that one coming. Three wickets down in a couple of overs is a disastrous reply and a lot will depend on how Cook and Pietersen kick off in the morning. Why they send out a night watchman who can't play spin is baffling - why they persist with the night watchman concept at all equally so!